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Published: 2021-08-11 04:23:23
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Technically, it is amazing how the world today has transformed everything around us, resulting in changes in output production and increase in employment. Production systems and facilities are essential aspects of production management, it creates allowance to the efficient transformation of input, creating inputs into outputs. It is important to consider some determinant in the whole production process, this includes production quantity, types of products, product demand, market, location, competitors and product variety, with factors involved, being tools, machinery, inspection aid, operating personnel, production volume and details. Since the process involves transformation of raw materials to finished products so as to increase their value and make them suitable for sale and use.However production is categorized in various ways such as production through the assembly, production through modification, production through the separator and much more which all help to enhance the beauty of multiple products during the process of production.

In oil and gas separators, the installation of equipment used in the manufacturing of oil and gas production has been engeneered to improve the quality of the product. To understand production, it is important to consider different production facilities which are oil and gas separator, gas sweetening unit and gas dehydration unit. The oil and gas separators apparatus in the oilfield are used to separate oil from gas and water from a production well. Usually, the gases and water are extracted from underground sources mostly on rocks. Separators are located on the onshore platforms and can be horizontal, vertical or spherical depending on the operator's plan. There involved three stages, with the first one being, the vertical process which occupies a small space and has low production level.The second one is the horizontal separators which cover a more significant area and efficient for commercial use, in comparison with the other separators, spherical is not costing, and they are occupying a small space hence reducing action during the process.

There exists gas sweetening unit being common systems used in refineries to remove hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide from gases by involving active solutions of amines. It involves three stages which are methyl diethanolamine which has a high affinity for water than carbon dioxide, then monoethanolamide which requires a low pressure of gas application and final process is the diethanolamine. The purpose is to remove contamination from carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide making it commercial and environmental acceptable amounts. On the other hand, sweetener reduces hazard risk in the environment an example is major water streams contain mercury and during the exploration and processing they tend to escape in the environment in such cases the sweetener will reduce the sourness of mercury to reduces environmental pollution. On the other in case of system failure due to corrosion of pipes and vessels, solvents losses are incurred.

Gas dehydration unit is a process whereby gases are dehydrated offshore to prevent problems accompanied with the procession of wet gas and pipeline transport; these problems include; plugs created by gas hydrate, condensation, and corrosion. Likewise, it is also used to remove water vapor from gases enabling to level control in the system. Dehydration process has various advantages like; it requires small capital and operational cost which will promote the continuous process of dehydration. Similarly, some people use discharged water for stock and watering agriculture products. However, failure to supervise and control existing toxins substances during the dehydration process, the environment gets contaminated causing it to be unfavorable to the people.

Example of a gas dehydration system

To have an environment that is free from pollution, contaminators should not be released to the environment since they pollute the environment through the different production facilities. Economic growth is experienced all over the world by creating employment opportunities for people.


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