Presentation on Co-Existence of Technology With Education

Published: 2021-07-19
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In the current era, there is significant technological advancement which has resulted in both positive and adverse effects on the education systems. According to research, a most academic expert can affirm that technology has led to more advantages than disadvantages (Ellsworth, 2014). In every academic facility students and teachers have access to the internet in which, it is the vital technological tool behind the academic transition. The principal purpose of coming up with a presentation that analyzes the co-existence of technology with education is that; I focus on changing the minds of most guardians, students, and teachers who deny the fact that the internet has more educational benefits when compared to its demerits. My intended audience will include; guardians, teachers, and students. I target this particular audience since they play a vital role in the enhancement of education in each nations education sector.

The significance of this topic is based on increasing awareness among my targeted audience. In this case, I believe that people have been misled by most of the technical experts since they have based their convictions on the negativity of internet instead of its positivity. The social media which is a platform that relies on the internet has been said to be a distraction of academic progress but what most people do not realize is that the social media can be used to enhance academic progress (Lenhart, Simon & Graziano, 2011). Also, the website has been considered to have misleading information on various concepts and theories but what people do not realize is that scholarly articles are among the most reliable academic resource. At the end of my presentation, I seek to pose a conviction to my targeted audience that technology is the key feature that should be used to enhance academic excellence among students.

B. Presentation Plan

In the 21st century, there is a conflict of interest on the introduction of technological advancement in our current academic systems. The conflict of interest is due to the merits and demerits of technological advancements in our current educational systems. In this presentation, we will focus on; identifying transitional educational features due to technological progress like internet use and its impact the transition in the academic sector.

In accordance to statistics, there has been a 12% increase in the use of internet due to the increase in reliable internet academic sources (Ellsworth, 2014). To be precise, the introduction of scholarly articles has made academic expert rely on them which makes students use them. Various academic experts have reviewed scholarly articles and journals hence they cannot provide misleading or non-researched information. It hence implies that despite the enhancement of portability of academic materials due to the use of the internet, the degree of reliability has increased due to the introduction of expertise educational content.

Other advanced features on internet use in academics have been the designing of the website which offers online academic courses and tutorials. The principal purpose of designing this site is that there can be increased communication between academic expert and teachers. Notes, critical instructions, and advice can be conveyed from a teacher to the student in a matter of seconds. It results to increase in the levels of understanding hence one can graduate and support the society as a whole. Everyone can affirm that the internet has overcome geographical barriers hence it implies that tutors and students in any part of the world can share and exchange ideas (Lenhart, Simon & Graziano, 2011). The extensive interaction among students also results to increase the levels of understanding which further leads in producing more reliable members of the society.

The social media is an internet-relying tool which can be used to enhance academic excellence. Consider Facebook, Whatsapp, and even Telegram; these applications have been used to form educational groups with an unlimited number of members despite ones geographical position (Ellsworth, 2014). These groups have efficiently provided a platform to exchange ideas and academic material which has further resulted in the increase in the levels of understanding among students. It can be concluded that for academic excellence to be realized; students have to share ideas. The internet is hence the tool that can be used to enhance unlimited sharing of ideas.

The disruption of the web in academics can be blamed on the lack of responsibility among students, teachers and even guardians. Educators and guardians should relentlessly advise students on the website to visit, how to manage their time and how to be self-composed (Schofield & Davidson, 2012). Students should also take responsibility and avoid interruption when researching on the internet. An uphold of responsibility by each member of these parties will result in internet being the most resourceful website in enhancing academic excellence.


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C. Visual Element

A representation of the number of students using the internet for academic excellence. The above representation illustrates when calculated amounts to 12% of the students using internet for academics purposes as shown in my presentation plan.

D. Potential Questions

1. What is the future impact of technology in the education sector?

The future impact of technology in the academic sector is based on limiting paper work hence reducing the number of books to be carried. Portability and reliability are hence a feature that will be promoted to ensure academic excellence.

2. What should academic expert do to enhance the use of internet in enhancing academic excellence?

Academic experts should focus on ensuring that each educational institution has reliable internet supporting gadgets that can be used in aiding students in conducting online researchers. Academic experts should start availing all of their notes and assignments on an online manner to avoid time wastage during the submission of these educational materials.

3. What should guardians do to enhance the use of internet in academics?

Guardians should change their negative perception on internet use in academics and also come up with timetables that allocated time for students to conduct research. Also, parents should consider purchasing internet-supporting equipment to ensure that one can access the internet despite his or her geographical position.

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