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Published: 2021-08-17
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For three months beginning the 30th day of August 2017 to mid-December 2017, I did an internship at Exquisite Winery Company Limited. The company deals with distribution and marketing of beer and wine to the huge populous portion of the customer base in Thailand which is nearly half of the population. The company is a profession in wine industry dealing with more than 150 varieties of wines and beers. It is easier to find a range of international favorite grape tastes of wine and brand beers at the Company. The company boasts in the excellent care of the products packaging, distribution, and marketing of the new beverage brands in the markets. With its proximity to Hua Hin seaside resort on the Gulf of Thailand, in the southern Thai province, the company is gaining momentum and trust across the major town of Bangkok and neighboring cities.

Job Description

The staff at the company are trained in all aspects of hospitality and product promotions. However, for increased productivity, the company align staff to specialized departments of sales, marketing, and distribution. While serving at the company, I was able to interact and engage in different departments. At the entry point, I was briefly placed under senior public relations officer where I was under monitoring, and I served as an assistant. The working experience was flexible across other departments as this experience served as orientation and introduction to the companys operations. Gradually I got exposed to company operations where I began presenting their products and brands to potential customers, regular clients, and consumers. I was also tasked with the responsibility of researching on new emerging opportunities at the local distributions and potential partners. During the internship, I had an opportunity to brainstorm with the management and other staffs during the meetings about new business opportunities and alternative brand exposure techniques.


Through the support and guidelines of the veteran staffs at the Exquisite Winery Co., Ltd, there are plenty of things I accomplished during my internship period. I have learned to cooperate and work with diverse group of staff and clients through the connected network of staffs and independent interactions. In this regard, the main accomplishments gained through the internship are operational knowledge and experiences based on the real workplace encounters. I now have a thorough field knowledge. The detailed range of products in beverage, leisure and entertainment industry is in my fingernails. This includes the range of prices for the diverse products and preferences.

Working in the company and the industry at large requires excellent communication, interpersonal and convincing skills. The internship period has not only been exposed to work with different levels of individuals but also an opportunity to polish and sharpen the interaction skills. Customers required to be convinced and appealed through word of mouth to develop interest and spend more money on the products. I have learned to pass and ensure the message I deliver is precise and is interpreted by the recipient without the meaning being distorted. Similarly, I have learned to pay attention to the communication clues at every stage of interactions.

The orientation and service charter at the company concentrates on service deliverance to the clients needs and satisfaction as the leading customer focus portfolio. I had to go out of my way to make every client is satisfied with the companys products and build a rapport that maintains regular visitation of the customers to the company. This strong customer focus made me do everything to satisfy customer needs and do the best things for them for the company to maximize profits and ensure hundred percent customer retention. For instance, there was a compelling desire by the management to seal a deal to provide supplies of beer and wine to Le Bar Francais Hua Hin which offers the best selections of wine brands in Hua Hin. I was part of the team that concentrated and accomplished the deal. During the clientele meeting, the manager recognized and commended my contribution towards the overall success of the business ventures and my involvement in customers satisfaction.

I was also able to work under pressure to beat deadlines and achieve weekly target sales set by the sales department. However, at times, especially at the beginning of the internship, there were errors and mistakes made in the course of transactions. This made me revisit tasks to correct the errors and ensure accurate transactions. I have since enjoyed working in a challenging environment. Though it was stressful, I realized I needed good stress and manageable pressure to remain motivated and very productive. I now react to situations rather than being disturbed. I now find it more rewarding to stretch further the targets to achieve more significant results beyond the limit sets.

Furthermore, record keeping was a very significant accomplishment I had to equip myself with and utilize during the internship. Just like the company exist because of the customers, to successfully work in the business and for the companys directors to sustain accurate tracing of the products, the management relied heavily on accurately maintained records. Failure to maintain and keep the records can make customers, staffs, and owners lose track of products and its profitability. Thankfully, I was able to maintain accurate records of companys items, sales and any relevant transactions that I was assigned.

On the 30th day of November 2017, I was assigned the duty to receive stock on behalf of the procurement clerk who was absent. I also had the responsibility to sign in and check out beer and wine that were destined for distribution by the sales and marketing teams. I appended signatures on the delivery notes and accompanying registers on for the company. On this day, record keeping skills helped me in handy. I also entered the recordings on excel sheet computerized system for record keeping and attached the file to the authorized managers email addresses. Since it was the close of the month, I also computed the summary of sales and monthly ledgers that included ranking sales and attached the copies of the electronic files to the authorized addresses. Having been instructed, guided and shown necessary steps, I did not have major drawback handling the tasks.

I made it a personal ambition to continuously establish and maintain the network of contacts and remain afloat in touch with the established contacts.

Academic Preparation

The business coursework covered before internship prepared me adequately for the field practice. The lessons from wide ones in general business to specialized departmental programs in finance, small enterprises business management, economics, business management, human resource management, international business and relations, public administration and interactions and the introduction to basic communication technology and information systems were all of the great boosts in the field. In partial fulfillment for the award of undergraduate degree in business, the following coursework areas helped me in my internship.

Organizational Behaviour, Human Resource, and Management Course

Throughout the academic course, I got readily prepared to handle people of different statures inside and outside the organization. I was aware in advance of the group dynamics and intercommunication skills on job satisfaction and leadership management. Therefore, when the opportunity to interact and build rapport with staff and clients I was more than ready to establish and build lasting fruitful relationships. The working environment requires human psychological understanding and controlled temperamental behaviors because of the diversity of culture and experience of the group setups.

Marketing course

Throughout the business teaching and learning, marketing skills were highly emphasized in class in preparation for the practical business venture. The class designed helped me understand the basic concepts and approaches to marketing. I had a clear understanding of channels of distribution, sales, product promotion, and pricing. The legal and cultural factors that promote and enhance business success in the national and international environment were anticipated in-class coursework. There was the thorough preparation of appropriate planning and effective decision-making in a real business environment covered as well. The knowledge and skills gained in class sustained and gave me an upper hand during the internship endeavors.

Economic course

The division of the course to macroeconomics prepared me for how the entire economy operates. The courses included subjects on employment and employee rationale, national income generation, inflation impacts on business performance, price levels regulations and how money works in an economy. The microeconomics division enlightened me on how individual entity and individual in the economy operates in the areas of product marketing and markets. Others are government intervention, supplier and consumer demands and how product manufacturing works in diverse economic conditions.

Finance course

The finance course shed lighter information beforehand on impending factors that determine financial decision-making in a company. While on internship I was keen to operate within prospective factors and risk parameters that the company would be able to take responsibility. The additional finance topics of credit derivatives, financial products, asset valuations and technological applications in the business helped me carry out a wide range of activities during the internship. I was able to run actual computerized spreadsheets and generate reports on sale targets and estimated monthly sale projections.

International Business Management

The curriculum offered management knowledge in international business designed to develop and prepare students to take up managerial duties in the global economy. The internship provides the platform connection between the course and the anticipated coursework preparations. I was able to practically interact with the clients, staff and potential customers of global forum. The skills taught made me tailor the marketing and other practices used to suit the Exquisite winery company and make it have an international outlook.

The coursework gives the basis for enlightening what is happening in the real world. However, the coursework is not enough and cannot be entirely relied on for real work experience. The dynamics present at the field cannot be demonstrated fully by coursework. The coursework serves the general purpose of anticipated programs and activities in the field. It is a guide. The real work experience requires logical approaches and figure out the varied approaches to handle the humanity and work. To understand what is happening in the field, the company experience will teach you life experiences. Sometimes coursework become irrelevant when you have to work in a different department which is not in line with the coursework.

Overall Reaction

The entire internship period taught me valuable lessons about the culture of diversity, working with employees and responding to companys management in a real-time experience. The benefits I gained throughout the internship are far beyond what I could learn in a class environment.

I learned a great understanding of the need to stretch performance and sales for the company. As this compelling force to achieve targets gives one pressure and stress, it stretches mind and effort to beat the sales targets. Once targets are achieved, it motivates to work extra and look for alternative approaches and solutions to the underlying problems.

There was a paradi...

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