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Published: 2021-07-27 13:09:07
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Different scholars have always had various arguments about the concept of metaphysics. Metaphysics is considered to be the field of study that deals with ideas of nature which are applicable in reality and form part of clear rationales in life that probably still lack an explanation. This assignment finds out whether metaphysics follows upon the possibility of priori of knowledge as seen in pure sciences such as mathematics and physics.

Kant holds the belief that truth or falsity of the metaphysical theory is not possible to confirm or discover using any existing human experience. The idea of the occupation of reason with knowledge of the concept of objects raises one of the most critical questions according to Kant. The primary concern herein is whether the knowledge, in this case, is obtained through experience. One cannot justify reason before they correctly answer this simple essential question. The skills in gaining specific knowledge are each significant. According to Kant, even though they cannot be considered as the whole unit for explaining the reason. This tells why Kant believes experiences to be supreme. The background is only gained through exposure to a situation that makes someone knowledgeable.

Metaphysics is considered to be impossible without priori of knowledge unlike the transcendent cognitions; pure cognitions always comes in the form of experience which translates to priori of knowledge. Metaphysics just like mathematics and physics form part of the pure cognitions which require subjective ideas to or questions for its better understanding. Cognition of nature gained through experience also gives a better understanding of the need for priori knowledge in metaphysics.

Experience, as presented by Kant, is only, completes the act of being intelligent in an individual. The fact that someone has an argument that is intelligent and seems right is not enough reason for such as the argument to consider or rather taken as truth. A concrete experience has to be attached to the argument or logic for it to be accepted. This explains why it is not possible to accept the cosmological idea of the existence of the earth. This explanation lacks the experience that would back the knowledge to make it more acceptable. The presentation of the three transcendental ideas greatly helps in the understanding of the Kants point of argument. The first idea presented by Kant is the psychological idea. This idea argues that completeness in a concept is a predicate to a subject and not just a mere idea. It is considered to be an object that possesses absolute subject and is given in experience. Permanence does not confirm the concept of substance as a thing in itself but only for the experience. Disbelief in this proof should be shown can only be shown by proving otherwise through the contrary belief. Experience and the people combined provide the best proof of actuality of the objects.

The second idea of Kant is the Cosmological idea which helps in the understanding of the critique of reason. The idea has the property of obtaining its objects from the sensible world and puts away all the insensible objects or ideas. The idea is considered as an object whose experience can never be enough. The idea considers elements in the world to be simple, to cause liberty, to have time and space and some necessary being. The final idea of Kant is the theological idea that is easily identified with the concept of the understanding more than the ideas presented before. The illusion of dialect originates from the ability of people to make subjective conditions of our thoughts in objective conditions of the objects.

It is worth noting that so many questions arise around the objects that are given by experience. The greatest concern in understanding these objects are the concepts whose origin is often is from our reasoning due to the thoughts create. A unique application of reason is expressed in the transcendental ideas as a principle of systematic unity in the application of the basic comprehension of objects.

Kant claims that despite the impossibility of achieving metaphysics, it is still necessary. From the ideas of metaphysics and the quest of understanding metaphysics, it is obvious that humans get to understand the most important ideas that underlie the existence of many things on the earth. The greatest challenge that many people have in the world currently is the misunderstanding in the way they apply reason and its principle. The study and belief in metaphysics open up a new dynamics of viewing objects and the reason for their existence. Most philosophers have always claimed that someone would only find a new way by getting lost. Therefore, metaphysics helps to provide an alternative method through which reason and experience would be applied for the sake of seeing satisfactory answers.

The idea of boundary and limits provides a significant challenge in the understanding of metaphysics. The thoughts of humans should be free to explore to get experiences that are useful for development. Boundaries and limits are in their negative as they restrict the mind from getting the experience that is useful for the development of thoughts.


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