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Published: 2021-07-30
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Confucius and Laozi were the most significant philosophers of the East who lived 500 years before the birth of Christ. According to the teachings and concepts they aired out, one can get confused on the matter concerning prophecies and philosophy. It is sometimes confusing to call the two key figures philosophers since most of their teachings were like prophecies and not just philosophy of religion. This article seeks to analyze the comparison and contrast of both Laozi and Confucius teachings, ideas, an analysis of whether their instructions are still relevant or not, and I am going to point out some of the ideas I will adopt from their teachings to guide my life.

To be specific, the philosophy of Confucius centered around social relations among people, sincerity, justice, and morality. He acquired the title, the most excellent moral informer since most of his teachings made the Chinese to enhance their civilization and to enable social order among the Chinese people. However, Confucius made no divine inquiry, and most of his teachings were acquired by people because they were relevant and useful. Confucius wrote most of this article by the use of Analects and aphorism and most of his writings were in Chinese. On the other hand, Laozi lives almost the same time of Confucius, and most of his teachings were incorporated in Chinese religions (Lai, 2012). Even though most of his teachings are disregarded by some Chinese faiths, by saying that Taoism venerates him as a deity, he is still considered by most scholars to be the most prominent philosopher who offers some significant influence to the Chinese.

Both Laozi and Confucius discussed the way to live and how people can live together in harmony for a fulfilling life. For instance, Laozi in his Tao described the ways that people could follow to establish a real and natural order of Gods law. Laozi offered some great inspirational teachings that were accompanied by brilliant ideas which help to guide both the Chinese people and most of the people in the Middle Kingdom. Abdul Baha cited Confucius as the most celebrated leader and teacher by saying that Confucius became the cause of civilization in China and he is attached to the prosperity and advancement of the Chinese. (Tablets of Abdul Baha V2, p.469). It was also noted that Confucius is among the list of the people who caused the illumination of the worlds humanity.

Regarding Lais (2012) article, the efforts that Laozi and Confucius did in the illumination of the concept of humanity helps the world in maintaining order and harmony even though religion seizes to exist. Since Confucius did his art of work without the involvement of religion, his teachings about humanity will still prevail among pagans and those who deflect from religion. Confucius teachings will always help people in the world to maintain peace among themselves and to discern the reality that animates all things if they continue to sing the same melody and read the same writings about humanity by the two great philosophers.

The teachings that Confucius aired out are connected on two interrelated areas: social lessons and political knowledge. The social instructions that Confucius put across were on how to interact with a proper behavior to stay in harmony with each other in the society and our fellow human beings. It is through his teachings that I am trying to maintain an appropriate behavior and association to ensure that in every aspect of life, either business, social interaction or whatsoever, I keep social order and sincerity. I cannot hesitate to say that the Confucius teachings regarding social order are still useful since many people in the society will tend to maintain social order and good behavior even though they are not religious (Lai, 2012). Also, Confucius taught people to have compassion for one another and to treat other people the way they intend to be addressed. For instance, in Analects 12.2 he says, What you do not wish for yourself, do not do to others. He also outlined that adherence to correct ritual is the key to achieving the proper set-mastery which is a guideline for becoming a good leader. The ideas of mutual relationships and obligations that are between parents and children, husband and wife and the relationships between older brothers and younger ones are the most useful teachings that will be applicable from century to century. It is evident that a proper mutual relationship between the groups as mentioned above guarantee harmonious relations and develop a stable society in which leadership will maintain the value of humanity. The importance of the following ritual is the central teaching of Confucius, and it serves as the backbone of his teachings. As we can see, a society without rituals cannot lead people in harmony. The reason why there is moral decay in the community like that of homosexuality is due to ignorance of social ritual that constraints people in the right direction.

The second teaching that relates to social order and proper behavior is the concept of political life. Confucius outlined that education shapes the art of governance and proper relationship of the ruler to his subjects. His teachings are useful since it is through education that people form their social skills and develop a proper conduct within the government and society. In comparison with the worlds worst Rulers, most of them did not get a chance to acquire education which is supposed to shape their behavior and association skills. He also taught that good governance needs virtue and one taking his roles as prescribed.

Laozi outlined that everyone has all the answers to problems in the world if he or she inquiries into their inner being. Through this teaching, I will adopt the fact that nothing is impossible and I will always maintain a positive attitude towards everything and every problem in the world. Through the concept that every answer to questions in the world is within oneself, the world will be a better place if everyone decides to maintain a positive attitude towards problems and solutions to the issues. Laozi also taught that people must learn how to let go. It is true that when we cling to one thing that offers oppression to self, we will be subjects to slavery and for that matter letting go frees people from what distorts their existence. Laozi outlined that the world is won by those who let go. The questions like can you remain unmoving in mad until the right action is taken? made me think that Laozi affirms that it is okay to find an alternative to solutions in case the right answer seems to delay (Chan, 2015). For that matter, I will apply Laozis teachings in life by keeping the watch and maintaining a steady life through analyzing my problems and finding the best solution to unstuck me.

Lastly, Laozi outlined that evil naturality fades away when one pays no attention to it. Therefore, this concept is worth applicable by giving a blind eye to most of the issues that when they are paid attention to can make a person succumb to evil deeds. I, will, therefore, pay no evil to evil. The works of Confucius and Laozi are still the most significant useful knowledge even though they are not made by prophets of God or ambassadors of Christianity. Their lasting actions reflect on divinity and fit into the great word faith.


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