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Philadelphia is dazzlingly one of the most historic and happening cities of the USA boasting amazing features and beauty ranging from the relics of independence such as the Liberty Bell and innovative modern art and music scene.

Liberty bell Recognizable for its crack. It remains significant today for its message of liberty.

Philly has something for everyone and is rich in the American history including architectural features, spectacular beauty with designs and arts. Among fascinating features that catch the eyes of the tourists, including the National Historic Park that is an entire four-block history lesson, Independence Hall, Congress Hall, the First Bank of the United States, Franklin Court including the newly multimedia Liberty Center that is equally thrilling. A walk around the area of Philadelphia is like breathing the past coupled with a serene beauty that brings about a happy sensation that goes along with a touch of the American history (Molina, 1036).

Franklin Court. It borders by Benjamin Franklin Museum near the entrance, the Franklin Court Printing Office, and the Fragments of Franklin Court exhibit. The court can be Accessed from either Chestnut or Market Street, between 3rd and 4th Streets.

The city is well connected and linked with good transport network and most of the areas of interest in Philly are walkable with no strain from the Center City to Old town including the Museums District (Newman, 12). Additionally, in most establishments, there is no official dress code other than a handful of high-end restaurants such as The Inn at Penn, A Hilton Hotel in philly. The town also boasts with remarkable ornamental architecture that is crowned by the iconic statue of William after whom the state of Pennsylvania is named.

Gym and amazing warm bed and Savvy Services in The Inn at Penn, A Hilton Hotel

Additionally, the town prides itself with fascinating hotels and restaurants that cater for the interests and taste of various people from all walks of life and are fully equipped and designed to satisfy their customers with a touch class and decorum desired (Newman,142).

The above image represents Sheraton suites, which one of the leading five star hotel in service delivery. The hotel is located just 6miles from the central business district. The hotels is strategically located near some of the best attractions throughout Philadelphia. In addition its also located near the airport, which is convenient for the visitors.

Renaissance hotel, Philadelphia is another five star hotel located 8miles from the city. In addition to the discussed hotels, Philadelphia host some of the historically landmark building such as the independence national historical park.

The above image depicts part of the historical hall that was erected in honor of the Americas 240th independent day as part of the independence national historical park. The hall is located on Chestnut Street, sandwiched by 5th and 6th streets. Visitors are required to use the security screening area on the chestnut street. Access to the hall is granted by tour only and the visitors are accompanied by rangers who guide them through respective floors.

First white house is another iconic historical feature that contributes in both beautification and increasing the number of interesting locations to visit around Philadelphia. The first white house is located on the 524-30 market street in Philadelphia. This presidential mansion housed both George Washington and John Adams.

The image above depict part of the Philadelphia white house, which has since become an attraction site as it signifies various historical milestones as far as United States history is concerned. The building hosted the two presidents when Philadelphia was the capital of United States.

Edgar Allan Poe national historic site is another attraction site located within Philadelphia. Allan Poe site is a preserved home that housed the renowned American author Edgar Allan Poe. The home is located at 7th street neighboring the spring garden.

The image above represents Edgar Allan Poes historic site view from 7th street. This attraction site houses most of Allan Poe works such as criticism accompanied by their audio interpretations.

Apart from hotels and numerous attraction sites, Zagat rated goods is another aspect that is listed as interesting and attractive to visitors of Philadelphia. Zagat rated is named after Zagat survey that is provides content and reviews of the locally produced and prepared foods.

The image above represents zagat rated blue duck food. This is one of the examples of local meals prepared in Philadelphia.


The above discussed aspects depict the beauty of the Philadelphia city. They also portray the Philadelphia image to the visitors.


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