Persuasive Speech on Importance of Conserving Our Environment for the Future Generation

Published: 2021-08-18 21:43:23
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Am sure you have all seen what is happening in California. Yes am talking about the fire, it is a tragedy. If I ask some of you what caused the fire am sure some will say it was someone who was smoking, knowingly or unknowingly tossed his cigarette into the forest starting the fire. Which might be right I dont know. What I do know is that you and I are the culprits for not conserving our environment. So the people to be blamed and who should cater for the cost of the destruction of properties is us for neglecting our environment. Today am here to talk to you about the importance of conserving our environment for the future generation.

My name is professor Messi from the University of Chicago, and I specialize in environmental management. Today am going to take you through the reasons why it is critical for us to conserve our environment. The benefits we accrue from preserving the environment and also the repercussions that might occur if we do not save the environment.

One primary importance of preserving the environment is climate. Our activities have contributed a lot, and thats why there is climate change. The carbon emission from our automobile and manufacturing industries are choking our environment. This extreme weather patterns we are experiencing like to hot, cold, drought and flooding are as a result of not taking care of our environment. We have pushed the environment to the edge, and it has decided enough is enough, and its now reciprocating but in a disastrously. Our activities cause global warming. When are we going to realize the importance the importance of preserving our environment? Do we wait till hundreds of lives and properties are lost so that we can take an imitative of protecting and conserving our environment?

In my career, I have had the privilege of traveling around the world, and the effects of not conserving the environment in some countries will make you weep. I have visited countries where there was large-scale deforestation done in the past. Believe me when I tell you what they are .reaping now is not what they sow. Extensive deforestation has caused lack of rains for many months, and they depend on that for their crops. Other nations are experiencing floods year in year out just because they did not conserve their environment. I know some of you love to eat fish, what if fish were extinct. You go to your local store, and they tell you they have run out of stock. We should protect our marine lives otherwise in future some marine life will be extinct.

To wind up ladies and gentlemen let me tell you one thing this environment is all we have. As human beings, we always want to bequeath something valuable to our children when we pass on. What are we going to bequeath to the future generation? We are already messing up the environment. Time has come for us to make changes and the changes start with you and me. Its time we take action to ensure that the future generation will have something to smile about. If we do not want to be affected by these extreme changes the time is now ladies and gentlemen. Let each and one of us start, even if its small lets start. Its never too late. Thank you

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