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Some of the arguments that have been brought forward by pro-choice groups include the need to abort because the mother cant take care of the childs financial needs. Although the argument may seem legitimate, it does not address the fact that it is a life that will be ended. Having money or lack of it does not justify killing an innocent living child. Additionally, there have been arguments that people who have been raped should get an abortion. Although I agree that rape is a horrible thing, I do not believe that committing another horrendous act is the solution. Some precautions are available for women who have been raped to prevent them from getting pregnant. Abortion tends to punish an innocent child. There should be strict laws that ensure a perpetrator of rape receives the harshest penalty to avoid a repeat of the action.

It is also critical to note that a human life even if underdeveloped is sacred. The government, therefore, must ensure no life is lost. I also believe that life begins at conception and therefore performing an abortion is tantamount to murder. People who do not want a baby can use adoption as an alternative to abortion. Many families would like to adopt a child. From 2006 to 2010, the percentage of people who adopted a child was 1.4 while those seeking to adopt was 1.6% (Center for Disease Control and Prevention, 2015). There are also medical risks that are associated with abortion such as ectopic pregnancies. The complication increases the chance of pelvic inflammatory or miscarriages (American Pregnancy Association).

Since there is a large population of Americans who believe abortion is wrong, it is morally wrong for the government to use tax payers money to fund abortion programs. Additionally, pro-choice groups argue that women should have complete control over their bodies. The complete control should, therefore, include being responsible for once body by avoiding getting pregnant through the use of various available measures. Although abortion may seem to solve a problem, it never the less causes psychological stress and pain in the long run (American Journal of Nursing 2). It is therefore essential that a woman understands the mental effects before engaging in abortion

The House of Representatives has also passed a law that abolishes abortion after 20 weeks of pregnancy. However, the law except for cases where the life of the mother might be at risk (Tatum, 1). There is also an argument that abortion liberates women. However, this argument is false as it gives women a false sense of liberation while allowing the society to get away with not catering to womens needs. Instead of making abortion accessible to all women, the society should strive to empower women financial so that they can take care of their children.

Abortion is also a negative step for the freedom of women since it allows people to sidestep the real issues that affect ladies. A woman may be raped and gets pregnant. The problem in such a situation is the rape and not the pregnancy (Ziegler 6). The society should, therefore, strive to deal with the underlying issues rather the consequences. By making abortion readily available, the nation forgets that what women need is protection from rape, abusive relationship and financial freedom to enable them to cater to their needs rather than constructing abortion centers.

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