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Published: 2021-07-14
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Life is not filled with a lot of joys and excitements; it is somewhat made up of dull and bright moments. As such, there is a delicate balance within which life dishes out happy and exciting moments as opposed to a constant flow of exciting moments. This disposition of human beings makes them to constantly seek experiences that are thrilling to them. The thrill is whatever brings brightness, a warm feeling that brings excitement, a sharp knife that cuts short along an expanse of boredom.

In other words, the thrill is something that knows how to play with mans emotions very well in a way that even he or she is not aware of the manipulation. The true thrill is what makes a man throw caution to the wind and act without thinking about the aftermath, and real life examples may come in the name of sport or travel. For an individual to regard a particular form of sport as thrilling, said the sport has to evoke a quick impulse of intense excitement or feelings. Many a time expressed as a tingling feeling or a tremor that cuts across ones body. All the same, it is worth mentioning that what is thrilling to one individual may be very plain to another (ODonnell, Strebel, and Mortimer, 55).

Another example of something that is thrilling is traveling to new destinations. Traveling bears a grip of thrill over the individual who experiences it because he or she gets to use transport means that are not used on a daily basis (such as ships or planes); use means that are not used day in day out as is the case of cars and buses. Whats more, thrill also stems from the new locations that an individual gets to in the course of travel; this is major because new people are met, and one gets to spend time in an all different environment far away from home (Uphill and Dray, 12).

It is quite unfortunate that human nature has it that what is thrilling today may not be thrilling in the days to come. Such is the boredom that may come with repeating one thing over and over again for some individuals. For thrill be continued where traveling is involved, the seeker has to make sure that new locations are visited. This is because the second time a location has visited the feeling of excitement that it gives to the traveler is not equal in measure as the first; the same is what creates a need for people to travel all over the world and not get satisfied with just one location.

This is with consideration of the fact that some things are so thrilling to people such that they never get bored repeating them; a good example is a bungee jumper or a surfer who spends most of his or her time on his or her sport. In these cases, individuals dedicate a lot of time and even money on seeing to it that their needs or wishes are met (ODonnell, Strebel, and Mortimer, 43).

Humdrum moments or days may make an individual seek for thrilling moments; much more specifically, boredom comes about as a result of idleness or inaction. Thrilling moments can be sought to employ planning an activity such as a roller coaster ride at a fan park or arranging for a night camp in the woods. Arranging for one to experience new thrills is not a rare thing among people since good experiences never come seeking for anyone in his or her yard (Wilde, 34).

Events or happenings that take a considerable amount of time or even a lifetime and have still proven to be thrilling to many individuals include going to school to train on a course that one has always fancied. In addition to that, getting an entry level job or a permanent job in a company to practice a career that one has always fancied has always proven to be very interesting. It is also like a man to find his or her union with another human being; either in the name of friendship or within the construct of a family (such as marriage) to be thrilling. Such a thrill may be defined as platonic love or even the love that joins two individuals together through marriage (Uphill and Dray, 83).

In a nutshell, thrill as a word and as an experience bears a different connotation to different individuals. The same thing may be thrilling to or not the same group of people depending on their perspective in life. Everyone in life has a story to tell concerning thrill and the excitement that it brings along whenever it comes by. Some stories are the same while others are not concerning the reality that different people have different fancies. Conclusively, the thrill is what an individual thinks it to be; no one can define it for another person.

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