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Published: 2021-08-02
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I am john Moore a second year student at university of Oregon. My father, now a retired banker, and my mother, a high school teacher still live with my younger sibling in the outskirts of LA in the same five-bedroom house I grew up in before I joined collage. I still visit on holidays because my mother insists on such family gathering. It is still a place I reconnect with my roots still evident in my small library tucked at one corner of my bedroom.

We are Christians Roman Catholics and my father still insists on attending every Sunday mass. A father who believed in the corporate world backed by a mother who is an educationist inculcated the need for academic achievement early enough in my child hood. I spent half of my holiday with my tutors and still a much considerable time biking although it was largely due to my insistence and passion for the same but not out of my parents support for outdoor activities. However, they did not have a problem with it as long as my academic performance was good. Luckily, class work was came easily to me. On my free time, I poured out on literature, science geography and history books topics, which were my favorites. I remember my family have attended all graduations and have always been there to support. I rarely got into trouble at school but deep down inside I had a desire for adventure and a deep curiosity to learn other cultures and accommodate them. I think this desire was cultivated by my reading culture which were most mostly mental journeys to places I wanted to be, people I wanted to meet and things I wanted to see.

Being a staunch Christian I draw my motivation mostly from small acts of humanity by individual among us in the society. Like my friend mike is a medicine student at Yale University and he with a group of his classmates with the help of a community NGO have setup cancer free screening and treatment clinics in remote villages in Nigeria. This is also to advance their research. I also draw motivation on deeply committed goals especially in my academic work since it has been my way of going places that I have never been. I also believe in living a productive life, being organized and the process of self-development.

Having brought up in a Christian family by strict disciplinarians had an effect on my liberal values. Am hard working but still believe in co-curricular activities like recently I joined the boxing club and still attend Sunday church services. I am also trustworthy and sincere. Am in my second year at Oregon university studying Aeronautical space engineering and my expectation is to be space engineer upon graduation hopefully employed by NASA (I have already secured an 8 month internship with them). I also plan of having a family of my own because I believe and would love to have descendants with part of my inner thinking and hopefully share my values.

I also love being in control of my life or at least my surrounding should be organized in a way that make sense although not all situations can be controlled. Am analytical of situations and courses of action that I undertake. I still do my laundry and try as much as possible to live a balanced life with academics and boxing taking much of my time. Also in my free time, I join with my youth friends at church for different community activities or Christian talks. Am a less talkative but not necessarily an introvert it is just that I like listening more than give opinions.

I would not call my self-experienced in any field but I love cooking and have been good at it since high school mostly learned from my aunt who owned a restaurant, my mother is also a good cook. Food also have helped me connect and learn about other cultures. Books have in a way refined my thinking about how the world works and am more accommodative to others and easily connect and create relationships. I have had no incident where I have discriminated based on culture. My personality can also be described as responsible, quiet, emotionally calm and adventurous as we recently tried climbing Mount Kenya during last summer holiday with my friend and classmate Jim.

However, Jim has a different opinion about some of my characteristics once I shared with him about these same qualities. Although he admits that, my motivation is Christian guided, I am deeply obsessed with organized surrounding and I see chaos whenever an assignment is averagely done or my laundry is not done for a week. He confirms that I am trustworthy, sincere and hardworking but think am indecisive he attributes this to my personality of being collaborative to a point I listen more to other to inhibit my making decision. He also confirms am adaptive and open to other people of different cultures and backgrounds but also points out that I lack proper courage to speak out my mind or about things that am uncomfortable with. Jim also think I lack a sense of humor and deters me from striking a conversation with a total strangers but admits I am genuinely concerned of other peoples welfare and mindful of their feelings. This also makes me appear less friendly as it takes time for me to trust other people with my inner self.

The assignment has helped looked deep inside my perceptions and some assumptions that sometimes are different from what people truly see about me. For example, my obsession with organized timelines, deadlines and general surroundings may be causing high stress levels as a fuss about things that might eventually work out even without fussing a lot about them. My tendency to control environment makes me controlling of people around me as I expect them to act in specific ways when they are around me. Generally I am true to myself although not necessarily in all situations since other times some of my opinions are personalized but most people agree am of liberal ideas and I am generally trustworthy and sincere.

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