Paper Example on Undocumented Workers in America

Published: 2021-07-19
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Middlebury College
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In the study of the Undocumented Workers in America course, I found the use of online media highly convenient. I had every bit of fun exploring online materials. Overall, I was informed and challenged by the course even as I accessed materials through the accessible and convenient online media.

To succeed in online classes, I found one skill to be highly useful: the ability to peruse through volumes of materials and distill important information. This is imperative because the internet is full of lots of information, some of which is not necessarily useful. To succeed while using online media, one must have the ability to distill facts from a large set of information. Time management and meeting deadlines was not difficult for me because I was able to plan well in advance, thanks to the well communicated course schedule.

I found the course highly practical. This is because it went an extra mine to address real issues in a practical aspects rather than relying on theory only. From the course readings, I gathered that immigration is a complex issue that cuts across economic and political policies. For example, while immigrants are important for the manufacturing sector because they help keep wages down, they may increase the burden on the countrys education and health sector. Secondly, while indeed the United States may be compassionate to immigrants (especially unaccompanied children); borders must remain regulated so as not to offer an incentive for illegal immigrants to enter the country. Ultimately, the only real solution lies in enhancing the capacities of other nations so that immigrants will not have a reason to leave their own countries. As long as there is a huge difference in standards of living, Mexican immigrants will leave for the US even as African immigrants leave for Europe. This will happen no matter how perilous the journey and the treatment in host countries.

Material from the internet was helpful in complementing the assigned text readings. There is one unique importance of online material: it is updated to include the latest of recent developments. For example, when examining statistics and patterns of undocumented workers and illegal immigrants, information from Youtube videos and reliable newspapers like the New York Times was important in complementing the textbook materials. Besides, it brought the subject home by introducing case studies of those caught up in the immigration debacle. This made it possible to study the subject from those on the receiving end, not just experts who write from a strictly scholarly and observatory stand. For example, it becomes clear that the proposed border wall will split families and cultures, separating families that have lived together side by side on the US-Mexico border. Studying Youtube videos brings out this issue better than textbook illustrations.

Overall, working online is convenient and offered the opportunity to explore more materials. It is less time consuming and above all, offers a sort of flexibility that is missing when compared to physical attendance of classes. However, I missed the teamwork and group dynamics that come with attending classes physically. However, in todays age of technology, I would choose online classes over physical lectures all the time. All in all, I can say that I am sufficiently informed about the subject of undocumented workers in America and the immigration policies that make the situation be as it is today.

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