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Published: 2021-08-16
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The theatre is an art that is performed by trained personnel and presented to its audience on a live show. This art began as early as 6th century BC. Every region at the time had their form of art. Greek is the mother of theatrical performances. The performance was during various festivals, religious activities or even those that dramatized the political state of the dynasty. There exist different types of plays such as tragedy, satyr,and comedies. Romans later took over the theatre where they incorporated it into their activities similar to the Greeks. Other renowned regions that adapted drama as a form of entertainment were the French, Spanish, African countries and also the English people. By the 21st century, thetheatre had spread to almost every nation and various specialists such as play directors; playwrights emerged to direct and control these performances. These artists use different techniques such as sceneries, lightings, costumes, effects among others. They have also used theories such literary and drama in their work. Through these theories and techniques, they presented different types of performances through which they have shown the role of theatre and theatre artists in the global society as elaborated in this essay.

A theatre may have one or two purposes depending on the director of the performance. Some live arts are purposely for entertainment while others to educate and creating awareness to the audience. The theatrebases its performances on dramatic theories where the live performance is presented in the form of a play hence making it more exciting.Some techniques such as sceneries are used purposely as a way of making the play more appealing and capturing to the audience. Other techniques such as lighting are making the play or theatre more entertaining (Baugh, Christopher 35). An essay that has no proper lighting will turn away the audience and make it less enjoyable. The best way to make a theatre entertaining is to incorporate feelings into the play. Methods of integrating such emotionsare through theuse of sound effects that allow the audience to experience the mood of the play. If it has a scene with rainfall occurrence, then the producer should ensure that the live performance has rain occurrence as a way of making it more real. The more real the live performance is, the more it will attract the attention of the audience. Additionally, performance may also have some educative purposes. For instance, some may have the goal of creating awareness to the audience on the dangerous diseases such as cancer or even educating them on political issues that may affect them. Through the use of literary theory, the artist can incorporate styles of linguistics such as poetic language to make the audience both thrilled and also educated. Other forms include the use of satire to relay the educative message of the artist but humorously to make the news more entertaining (Baugh, Christopher 37).

Theatre artists too have a role and responsibilities to the audience and also to the society as a whole. The first role that an artist has is to relay essential messages through art to the audience (Baugh, Christopher 40). To accomplish this task, they have various responsibilities to the audience such as to display a sense of culture to the audience as a whole. When people are acting, they wear traditional costumes to show the pride of natural heritage. Some of these outfits indicate various occasions that were celebrated in a particular society or even being celebrated up to now. Therefore, when artists perform, they spread to the world,specific cultures of different communities. Artists have a role in the whole global society. Some people leave the responsibility of covering the various problems affecting the nation to the artists. When a community is undergoing different challenges such as crimes against humanity, corruption or political tyranny, these artists use live performance to pass the message of the current state of the states to all audiences as a way of creating awareness and suggesting ways to help change such issues. When women participate in art, they help spread the message of feminism to societies that still undermine the role of women in the nation. Additionally, these artists also pass a message to theaudience that every person should be encouraged to use their talents for the better purpose of helping the community. Another responsibility is that they also enlighten any artists in the globe and act as mentors to such upcoming artists. When artists perform, they have a duty of creating emotions and feelings to play. It helps incorporate these people into the play as a way of assisting them to understand it and the message.

An audience has the role of acting as the final receivers of the performance displayed by these artists. To fulfill this, they have different responsibilities that they are supposed to evaluate. As the final receivers of the play, they have to participate as the performance efficiently is made (Baugh, Christopher 50). These plays are meant to introduce emotions to the audience. Therefore, if such a viewer does not show any feelings towards the play, then it is not appreciated because the audience is supposed to incorporate emotions such as happiness, sadness, and shock among others as a way of getting the feel of the play real. The audience has theresponsibilityfor applauding the artists as they perform if they the work is exemplary. Cheering up these artists gives the motivation they need to continue the performance. If they are not motivated, then it would mean that they will not apply their all to the play and hence it is bound to fail. It also encourages them to put more efforts in cases when the audience appreciates their performance. Additionally, the audience has a responsibility of acting as a judge when they evaluate the play. They can provide their views on the play and share their ideas on the good parts and also the places where the artists need to change to make the play more entertaining next rounds. When the audience comments on the performance, it sends a warm gesture to the artists that their play was appreciated. As a member of the audience and a patron, I have a responsibility of providing support to the artists. The support may be in the form of emotionally support, the supply of equipment or even funds as a way of ensuring that the art does not stop, but continue progressing forward (Baugh, Christopher 70).

In conclusion, it is correct to say that theatre began early in the 6th century and had since then become a globally recognized form of expression. It started with Greece then spread to Roman Empire and late spread to the rest of the world. Different techniques exist that assist in the performance of the art. They include sceneries, lightings, and effects. There also exist theories such as literary theory and dramatic theory to help evaluate the context of the performance. With these techniques and theories, it was possible to assess the purpose of theatre to the society. Also, artists responsibilities and roles were even determined. They have a role in relaying messages hidden in their arts. With this purpose, they can spread various information such as challenges affecting the globe and also motivate talented upcoming artists into the career. Other than artists, the audience has therole of acting as the final receivers of the play. With this part, they can carry out various responsibilities such as ensuring that ensuring they cheer up the artists, give ideas on the quality of the play and also give advice on how to improve the quality of the art. Every art has a patron, whose responsibility is to ensure the artists in any ways possible.

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