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Published: 2021-08-17
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Study of various aspects of communication over the entire semester has born positive contribution to my high school academic experience. I have been able to draw valuable lessons from multiple areas of the subject. The subject has helped prepare me for my future academic prospects in line with communication as well as inspire me to focus on selected contemporary issues data and communication that require more in-depth focus.

Lessons Learned Throughout the Semester


Regarding cybersecurity, I learned about the urgent need to protect computer systems from unauthorized access that may result to loss or distortion of information that is intended to remain private or subjected to limited access (Mayer Schonberger and Cukier, 2013). Hence the importance of using strong passwords and implementing firewalls intending to reinforce the security of internet sites.

Ethical Issues relating to Control and Use of Big Data

Studies throughout the subject revealed to me the essence of big data and the ethical concerns arising about the same. I was able to establish that big data, despite being obtained without the consent of the subjects, may be subject to manipulation by politicians in the advancement of their political interests in addition to the use of big data to make significant national decisions without consultation of citizens. Amidst all the ethical concerns, it remained apparent that big data I subjected to proper use, would lay positive contribution to national security in addition to addressing citizens' concerns.

Sources of Information: Encyclopedias Vis-a-vis the Internet

While examining sources of information, I learned the essence of the internet as a source of information today and encyclopedias as essential sources of information before the advent of the internet. I was able to weigh the relevance of encyclopedias in the era of the internet, as critical sources of information for various disciplines upon integration with the internet (Grendler, 2006).

Personally Enhanced Preparedness

As a matter of preparedness, studying communication has been essential in preparing me for efficient study of other disciplines in other levels of education such as college and university. The subject has enhanced my preparedness in terms of being able to conduct proper research on contemporary issues from authentic and authoritative sources of information, in addition to enhancing me with the ability to convey the same to other people according to my understanding; while undertaking studies in other disciplines.

Areas of Further Focus

Among all areas covered throughout the semester, I intend to maintain focus and concern on the internet and encyclopedias as sources of information; besides studying deeper into other sources of information, their authenticity and credibility regarding gathering information that I would require while undertaking my studies in various disciplines of advanced levels of education.


Studying communication has been of great essence regarding the lessons instilled, preparedness for further studies and inspiration into studying contemporary issues emerging concerning communication.


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Grendler, P. F. (2006). Renaissance education between religion and politics. Aldershot: Ashgate.

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