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Published: 2021-07-19
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Lean manufacturing can be critical for the production of the fitness equipment. The concept can help the assembly line workers to reduce manufacturing costs and help in waste management that increases productivity in the long run. The foreman should convince their staff to undergo the lean initiative for the company to maintain a high quality of products that will attract high demand in the market (Manuele,2014).Moreover, the waste minimization that is likely to be experienced will make a significant increase in the firms profit. Other significant benefits from the concept are improved customer service, easy management, and financial benefits.

Management of Change Program (MOC)

The risks likely to emerge are a risk of unplanned outages, the risk of low success rate, risk of significant production delay and risk of a high number of emergency changes. However, MOC can significantly reduce these risks since it ensures the proper accuracy of modifications to cantilever storage racking systems through the necessary level of technical completeness. MOC reduces unplanned adverse impacts on the stability of manufacture of steel handling materials and minimizes effects of its reliability of manufacturing process being altered. It further provides a stable production environment through maximizing the efficiency of the workers involved in executing the changes(Manuele,2014).

Adjustable Pallet Stands

The current process which forces workers to bend over to carry out their activities can be harmful to their bodies. Collecting the filter components and placing them on another side of their workstations is tiresome especially to female workers. With the introduction of adjustable pallet stands, the chances of experiencing fatigue and back strain are eliminated. The flexibility of the stands makes it easy to be adjusted to comfortable working heights thus making the activities to be efficient and reduces health risks among the workers.

Moreover, the adjustable pallet stands to minimize exposure to safety risks within the filter assembly line. The equipment offers access to filter parts from all sides. The equipment contains safety handles and locks that prevent the stand from folding while being used. This great feature prevents accidents in large amount thus minimizing injuries in the process. The equipment can also be easily repositioned in the case of lack of comfort and is easy to assembly thus improves health and safety standards in the company(Manuele,2014).

The equipment is highly accessible and adaptable which is beneficial to the women workers who less flexible. The pallet stand enables them to access all filter parts without straining themselves because they can work upright. Therefore, the flexibility of the equipment reduces risks of being tired due to bending over thus is recommended in the filter assembly line.


Manuele, F. A. (2014). Advanced safety management: Focusing on Z10 and serious injury

prevention (2nd ed.). Hoboken, NJ: Wiley


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