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Published: 2021-08-11 22:55:58
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After reading the informational website about Integrated Water Strategies reclaiming processes; I had to ask myself why more people are not doing this. They seem to have come up with the solution to many of the water-related problems that are plaguing the world at this time. Considering less than one percent of the water on this planet is reclaimed for use, the idea of helping the ecosystem filter out the non-usable water just makes sense. There is much talk in the media saying that we are destroying this planet; it is refreshing to read something showing how we are giving back to the planet and helping ourselves in the process.

Integrated Water Strategies has looked into the weightier water filtration system of all, the earth, to diamond the filtration systems that are implemented into their filtration processes. Recognizing that plants have natural filtration capabilities Integrated Water Strategies has designed a process that enables plants and wetlands to filter out the unwanted material and return the water to use in the ecosystem. The first stage of the process is collecting the contaminated water in underground septic tanks. This is water from toilets, showers, and sinks. After the water is placid, the solid contaminates settle to the marrow of the tank, and the water on top is pumped to a treatment cell. The treatment cells are pools made up of wetlands and vegetative soil filters. As water flows through the treatment cells, the contaminants nail themselves to the roots of the plants and soil. The purified water is placid in holding tanks where rainwater can be stored to increase the value of reclaimed water. Once the water is ready to use chlorine to wipe any last contaminates out of it and pumped to wherever it is needed such as toilets or sprinklers to water plants.

One of the major benefits of the water reclaiming process is irrigation for agriculture, expressly in times of drought. Farmers have the worthiness to store water when it is reclaimed, and instead of sitting idle, it is used for other purposes until the time comes when it is needed for the agriculture. This idea can do a lot for Americas crops which would in turn help save money when it comes to ownership food. If farmers do not have to worry well-nigh next years crops and if there will be unbearable water in the future they can sell their crops at a resulting price. Water reclaiming would moreover eliminate the effects that a drought would rationalization such as an increase in the price of the yield or insufficient supply.

Along with the financial specialty and moral aspect, water reclaiming is moreover very educational. It allows students to see firsthand how the water they use is returned to use in the ecosystem. Integrated Water Strategies has built many of their ecosystems at schools where teachers can bring their students the get a hands-on squint at natural water filtration. All other benefits aside, Integrated Water Systems has come up with a diamond that contributes to the planet by providing plants to enrich our air and beatify our lives.

Human as a dominant species plays a major role in modifying element cycles. Water trundling is soft-hued, and we are using up too much of our water resources surpassing they can recharge naturally. Therefore researchers and scientists should further their study on constructive deportment to conserve our fresh water sources considering we may soon deplete it and threaten our well-being. It is always hard to balance personal choices with environmental considerations, but human has to find a way to balance it to make our ecosystem more sustainable


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