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Published: 2021-07-30 17:56:27
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What did Nixon do that was against the law?

Nixon was accused of bugging the offices of private individuals and political opponents, sabotaging the investigation into the Watergate Burglary, not complying with the subpoena and directing the FBI and Secret service on spying and conducting investigations on individuals who were not related to the national security. The Watergate Burglary sabotage was seen as an abuse of authority. He was also accused of misconduct in his office, obstruction of justice, bribery, misuse of assets, perjury of oath and dereliction of duty and failure to supervise.

Do you think that Nixon lost his legitimacy to rule as President? Why/not?

I believe Nixon lost his legitimacy to rule as a president because he abused his authority and office. He violated citizens expectation about appropriate behavior as a leader. His executive privilege to withhold information was not for the public good but instead was to conceal his and his officials wrongdoings. He claimed Executive Privileges to prevent having to release the white house tapes that had incriminating evidence on his involvement in the cover-up of illegal activities by his administration. His espionage activities to individuals and political opponents were also against the law and the constitution. Despite the constitution giving a wide space to the president in the running of a country, Nixons interpretation of executive privileges is subject to criticism since this did not give him absolute power.

What does the case of Nixon tell us about the importance and role of the media?

Looking at the chronological events of Watergate Burglary it shows the media had an important role in the Nixon case. The media acted as a catalyst to how the investigations were conducted by providing information to the public from the early phases of the investigations. The press coverage publicized the story and encouraged fast and diligent investigation. It might be difficult to measure the effects of the media to the public, but it prepared the public ahead of time to the removal of Nixon from the office. The investigation by the media ensured there was no cover-up by the White House and Nixon administration since it kept the story alive.4. Some people view the case of Nixon as a failure of democracy because he was able to break so many laws for so long. Others consider the Nixon case of evidence of the strength of democracy that someone as powerful as Nixon was finally forced to account for his actions and punished. Which view do you agree with? Why?

Since the development of the US constitution by the founding fathers, America has remained an epitome of what democracy should be. The Nixon case evidence gave evidence to the strength of democracy. It showed that no one is above the law even the president. It displayed independence of the court and the role of the opposition as a watchdog. The independent court system and democratic congress were intent on exposing the scandal and ensuring justice was served. Nixon case also displayed the independence of the media and their right to free press since it spears headed in availing the information to the public and ensuring investigations continued.


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