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Poverty is the number one problem in the world that contributes with the worldwide human trafficking even in the developed world. There a strong connection between poverty and human trafficking. One of this connection is a large number of people that do not have the job. Since 2007, the global population without the job have been increasing. The number of people that do not have job increased from 170 million to 202 million in 2012. The studies estimated that 470 million of job need to be created around the world to keep people away from poverty (Sustainable Development Goals). In many less developed countries, families are in bed situation because the government does not offer any opportunity to reduce poverty. Around the world, we can see people suffering from hunger, and dying by deprivation of low income. Moreover, the situation of living without any expectation as do not have enough food on the table for feed the family, the lack of health care, and educational programs aggravated any kind a hope with they have one. People become desperate and more attempting for look ways to change their lives becoming targets of predators. (Poverty & Human Trafficking).

The lack of expectancy for those needs are relevant, and governments around the world need prioritizing the attention on reducing poverty and combat the market of human trafficking. The global industry of modern slavery is very lucrative, and traffickers are making money by selling kids, young women, and women.

The people living in poverty are more vulnerable to be a target of trafficking. Criminals take advantage of these people, creating many fake proposes to attract victims using different methods. While the suffering people were looking for ways to live a better life, criminals fake jobs that later will end up in illegal labor and sex crimes. Poverty is cruel, it makes many innocent people suffer and become the target of exploitation. Many kids, young girls, and women are globally sold as an item on the shelf of a market. Some kids are obligated to work as hard as an adult at companies making products as shoes, flip flops, clothes, toys and others forced to have sex with others without saying anything. They are treated as slaves and have to work in bad conditions working many hours making a few bucks without any health assistance as any worker needs. (web) Due to poverty, some parents tend to make the wrong decision as sell their children. The reason they sell their offspring is that of the money. The poor family does not make enough money to buy foods for the family. As well, the cost of having a family is high, and it is critical to making a plan before getting marriage and have kids. Parents have the responsibility to ensure food for their children not selling them to buy food. In some instances, victims are told to work to pay off debts and told repercussions include violence, police involvement or immigration."

If we were looking back in history, the complex poverty situation in the world were former colonies that extracted as many resources they need and use the slaves to work without any expectation to live better as other human beings. Many poor people were not willing to use lands, get the education, and having some capital to support themselves. The lack of a good condition for those people at the time made a lot of difference now. (WEB) At that time the laws were created to protect people and help everyone that need to invest in a country without use skin color to define it. Also, children and women were raising within patriarchal family and had a lot of difficult to express themselves. In patriarchal family, women must be subordinated to men obeying anything they want. The oppression of women at that time was a big factor that contributed to many things in our society today. (web)

In most parts of the world, human trafficking is seen as one of the big cause of poverty. Authorities in the United States try to protect the borders against illegal entry of people on American soil. Customer and Border Patrol agency work hard every day to keep criminal's way from the border. They use the helicopter with cameras and night vision to work during the day and night to facilitate the search investigation. The agency also, has several officers working on the ground using cars with good equipment, and also K-9 to find any suspect around the area by following their smell. By the water, boats are also used to controlling the entry of people. The airports are tight on illegal entry, and many of traffickers avoid to use this way. Today criminals have more difficult to make fake passports because of the sophisticate machines that have at airports. Also, the majority of countries are using chip inside of passport to store information. Criminals always some of the type of strategy to bring people inside of United States. (WEB) And sometimes it is hard to catch them. They know that crossing people is the best way to avoid being tracked by the international and local authorities. It is a good advantage to them. As son they successfully crossed some of them as children and young women, they try to sell them to other individuals or even make them work for the traffickers while they are keeping in captivity. According to Lydia Caswell, "there are 800,000 people trafficked across international borders every year to work as labor and sex slaves according to the U.S. Department of State's 2007 report. Most of the world's slaves are from South Asia (India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepal) and the reason is poverty." Kids are supposed to attend schools and get the education that will provide them a good job in the future. Traffickers may make up to $9.5 billion a year in the sex traffic business. (Poverty & Human Trafficking)

Human traffic was happening every day across the globe. It can happen with your neighbor, a family member, friends and many thousands of poor people across the globe. Traffickers use any different methods to attract their victims. The perfect victims to them are poor families. Example, I can tell you about Shelia's story. Shelia came from a poor family from Nigeria, and one day a lady from other country invited her to move with her in a different country offering her a better opportunity to have a good life in the future. Her father listened and though It was a good idea. At that time, Shelia was 15 years old when this lady fooled her. As soon as Shelia arrived at the United Kingdom, the lady kept her inside the house to do all the work. Shelia had to clean, cook, do the laundry, and many others. She became very disappointed because the promise was very different than the realistic life she was living. One day Shelia decided to ask the lady about her promises when she met her in Nigeria. The lady promised to take of her as help her go to school and give some expectation to the future. The lady never answered to Shelia what was the real intention with her until she was starting to bring men to sleep with Shelia for money." (WEB VIDEO)

Other case is a fake marriage. Children are obligated to marry, to help her family. Their parents agree with that because it is the solution to improve food on the table for the entire family for a certain time. But behind the marriage there is a problem, some of that marriage is fake, and the young bride is sold on the black market into trafficking. (WEB) Many of the young women will never get out of this situation. Their lives will be taken when the service provided by them is not good anymore. Traffickers are really bad people that have no remorse about their cruel acts against innocent people. Most of the children and young women are afraid of looking for help, or they are locked in some place without any access to other people unless those bad ones around them.

In the United States, the problem has many different factors to explain. One of them is young women being recruit by pimps and forced to engage in an industry of sex. Young women in America has a lot of opportunity than in other countries. What makes them engage in this industries? Are they forced to do it? In some state in the United States of America, the number has been increasing. In some cases, young girls are hunting by pimps outside of high schools, shopping malls, or in night clubs (WEB)

The pimps use psychological pressure to keep the girls working for them, and even try to create some dependencies by introducing drugs to young girls. This malicious act creates an emotional gap between them without any suspicious by the youngers. The industry of sex is very lucrative, and the organized crime is very efficient and will continue to keep this ring until the authorities find a solution. According to the United States government, Combating the poverty and human trafficking government need to invest in a solution that involves many countries around the world. All of them need to set up a set of ideas and prioritize and identify the most effective minimize the poverty by implanting it for a long term. The population could not be affected by the implemented plan in any aspect of their lives. The global poverty is a challenge to be solved. Minimizing the situation involves many agencies to support the government with the investigations against criminal acts (WEB).Human trafficking had a strong relationship with poverty. This was proved by the fact that most people who engaged in human trafficking had their target group fished and moved from the countries which were less developed and with no policies to govern its citizens. The poor people in those less developed countries were the target through the fact that they lacked jobs and food to eat. As such, they remained poor, and hence the would fall for any trap placed before them. Also, it was important to note that their mother countries had very poor policies and hence no security for them.

It is important to note that a lot had to be done to ensure that this act of human trafficking is reduced and hopefully minimized. Several countries have engaged their researchers to reduce the act of human trafficking by engaging in activities that would reduce poverty in their nations. Since some parents gave out their children to others after being convinced that the parties would take the children and give them the better life, poor parents always fell prey and gave out their children. As such, several countries came up with ways of ensuring that the level of poverties was reduced by increasing the rate of employment and ensuring that women and their families do not live below poverty levels.

Another important issue that the countries addressed was their policies that guarded children and human all together. They ensured that they put in place laws and policies that protected the rights and freedom of children as well as women. Heavy penalties were imposed on those parents who would be found to have given their children to other parties to be used as labor. In case any individual was found to be engaging in trafficking of humans, he or she was given heavy penalties so as to discourage others from engaging in the acts. Research done by various organizations found out that human trafficking is being reduced by various countries by ensuring that the number of runaway girls and boys is reduced drastically since they were the target for traffickers.

In this proposal, it is very important for a country to create human trafficking awareness. Since there are many negative effects of human trafficking, the general public should be made to understand these negative impacts. These include depopulation. When a country is depopulated, its economy will automatically deteriorate. This is because there would be not enough people to boost the economy regarding business and investment. Secondly there, is the risk of overexploitation to the countries they a...

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