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Published: 2021-06-30
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What do you think are the key components within a performance management plan?

From a personal perspective, one of the key components of a performance management system is planning. Planning allows the structuring of performance appraisals and hence most probably is the first activity that is done. It entails developing short-term and long-term goals regarding the budget. The second component involves that I perceive as present in the performance management plan is the appraisals. It entails reviewing the performance of individuals after a specific amount of time, mostly after six months in regards to the goals and objectives. The third component entails providing feedback regarding the performance which if followed by individual counseling and facilitation. The employees are informed of the areas that require improvements and methods on how to go about it. The fourth component entails rewarding the performance. It involves the employee with good performance getting public recognition and given a reward. It serves as motivation for the others to ensure that their work is also well done. The fifth component involves improvement plans whereby the new goals and objectives are set for an employee in addition to a deadline for accomplishing the goals. The employee receives clear communication on areas that require improvements and the factors that he or she needs to eliminate. The sixth component entails potential appraisals. It allows the movement of employees in terms of responsibilities and roles depending on their performance.

b. Which component is the most challenging to implement? Why?

The component that is the most difficult to implement is the provision of feedback on performance which is then followed by counseling and facilitation. It involves a lot of time in addition to the aspect that some employees may not take the feedback positively. The component involves a clear feedback on the performance of an individual in addition to the identification of the areas that require improvement. Individual counseling and guidance then take place whereby the appraiser employs methods that the employee may use in achieving the required expectations. The view is that the guidance assists in improving the competencies of individuals such that they improve their performance. The step entails a lot of focus for both the appraiser and the employee for the employee to exhibit significant improvements.

c. Can you offer an example of how your employer accomplishes this?

My place of work is quite large and has several departments. The environment is also friendly whereby the managers easily relate with all the employees and assist in the monitoring of activities in every department to ensure that every operation is as per the initial plans. The human resource department conducts appraisals after a month by which every person gets feedback on their performance. The HR department also put into perspective the issue of teamwork when conducting the appraisals since some activities are often done in groups. The company has a reward for the employee of the month, a 20% bonus, which every person hopes to get. The company rarely lays off workers but instead provided training programs for those in need of help. The only employees who are relieved from their duties are those that work under contracts and do not wish to continue working there and the temporary employees. Aspects such as time management in regards to punctuality of presenting the deliverables and arriving at work, the number of activities carried out, the quality of the end products, customer relations and whether the laid out objectives are achieved as expected are included in the appraisals.


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