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Published: 2021-07-28
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According to Mark Grief, perfectionism is seeing people and things in the world as if each suggests an example of the way one can be. The cut movie shows the way Alys uses a circular saw in cutting a straight line through a painting of a landscape, and he is the one who painted the painting as a rough homage in 19th-century pictures of South American tropics. Looking at the video in the first glance, the violent gesture of Alys is a condemnation of the whole genre, as he was the painter of what he was cutting. The video also suggests an antipathy to the timid and passive irrelevance of the traditional panel painting. Additionally, the video shows a destructive act, which turns out to be a transformative, and futility is converted to fertility.

Mark Grief in his essay regards all things as if they were examples. In the model of perfectionism, one can see that something is perfect although the person who made it may not see it perfect, thus, making modifications for it to suit his or her aim. In life, we consider some things perfect, but other individuals have different views on them. Nonetheless, it is challenging to achieve perfectionism in real life because everyone is entitled to his or her opinions regarding something. The desire of presenting oneself as perfect has significant consequences like not achieving ones goals. Like in the video Alys cuts a painting that was painted in the past, and it was considered perfect during that time. However, he currently cuts it because it seems that it was not correctly made or rather he is cutting it to form something beautiful.

Most people do avoid advertising an individuals perfection to evade the situations that may make one seem imperfect. The reason is that such kind of things makes people have stress over things that could have been avoided. For instance, I have been a victim of perfectionism several times. There was a time I was doing my assignment, but I did not submit the task as I felt I did not do it perfectly. I did not get marks because I thought what I did was not perfect, and thus I had to redo the assignment to get marks.

The other experience I had that relates to the video is when I argued with my best friend, and we quarreled over a small issue. I was obsessed with the problem because I felt I did not handle the issue correctly. Perfectionism is usually linked to anxiety and depression as it makes one try to achieve things that are unreasonable or unattainable. The argument does make me feel bad up to now because the issue was not amended and that makes me feel that I am not a perfect thus the need for achieving perfection.

My experience and the video make me believe that achieving perfection is very difficult. We cannot always be perfect in everything we do because you may consider it perfect while another individual considers it imperfect. However, it is good for one to believe that whatever he or she does is right. The reason is that if one considers himself or herself as imperfect, it may result in depression. In future, I will do things I regard perfect for me and make amendments on the ones I consider imperfect. I will also believe in myself and have self-confidence that everything I do is perfect.

In most cases, perfectionists believe that bad things may occur in case they do not achieve perfection. They usually blame any negative outcome on the fact that they did not try hard enough to achieve perfection or they did not do something good enough. Having this feeling is usually very stressful. The lesson I have learned from The cut is that people have different views on things. Additionally, when someone is making something he or she may consider it perfect, but it may turn out not to be perfect after some time. This issue makes one modify the previously perfect object. I have also learned that having self-esteem and self-confidence is important in life.

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