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Published: 2021-07-02
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Sewanee University of the South
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I am applying for a scholarship in Seton Healthcare which I strongly believe that the values and commitment of the center are in line with my values and as such the scholarship with has mutual benefits. I am a strong Christian having had a Christian background which I embrace to date. I believe that life is important and should be promoted in all ways possible thus I put all my efforts in the nursing practice which I have done for the last four years. I am committed to excellence willing to devote myself to the profession with a desire to see good health promoted in my patients. My dedication and hard work have seen me maintain a 4.0 GPA in school. My desire is to give the best attention to the patients as I live out a life of courage and taking initiatives in health care provision. I am committed to loving the patients acknowledging the ability of God to heal but also co-working with God to see the patients realize good health including the poor. Being a Christian, I strive at all times to care for others and show compassion to all people at all times.

I have always sought after to be in an environment that promotes Christian values as I believe that holistic health care can only be attained when health is considered from a godly perspective. As such, being given an opportunity in Seton Healthcare will provide for me the required exposure in the best health care that addresses human beings in all their life aspects. I know that being a part of Seton Healthcare I will gain relevant experience in good stewardship and excellence in all facets of life including time. Thus, I will be a nurse whose excellence coupled with wisdom will be able to help communities in the future deal with their health. Such will be possible because of my commitment to the possibility of prevention of poor health through adopting healthy lifestyles like eating a balanced diet, physical fitness and avoidance of harmful substances like drugs. I am sure that through this scholarship I will gain relevant knowledge and skills on how to handle people with different cultures as well as belief system without offending them nor putting my values at jeopardy.

I believe I should be granted the scholarship because of the mutual benefit that will accrue from the award. I will be an asset because of my ability to learn and adapt to different environment. Further, being a Christian with a firm belief in the importance of valuing each human being and treating people respectfully, I will propagate the value of the healthcare center. Patients will be treated well have their questions answered and given advice that would be necessary for their well-being. Additionally, I am a person who is resilient, adaptable and courageous such that I can take an extra mile for the welfare of the patients I serve without complaining. I understand that as a nurse sometimes when duty calls, I might be required to keep my activities secondary and attend to the needs of the patients. Therefore, I will diligently and willingly take up responsibilities that are given to me and also be at the forefront in taking initiatives when there is a need for the well-being of Seton as well as for the patients. Finally, I am very passionate about nursing and the health of people thus always striving to remain motivated and doing all that is within my strength to see the patients well. Thus, the scholarship will be incredible.

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