Paper Example on Nietzsche as a Critic of the Enlightenment

Published: 2021-07-02
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Nihilism is a belief system that asserts that there is no longer any value in life including morally, socially or religiously such that there can never be a wrong or right thing of doing something. Nihilists suggest that life lacks purpose and meaning and thus this meaninglessness makes whatever action a person takes irrelevant. Through the writings of Nietzsche, the diagnosis of this age characterized by nihilism is provided. Although the philosopher brings to light the effect of this belief system, he does not advocate for it as its detrimental to the society. He presents the relationship between the nihilism and the failure of Judeo-Christianity in inculcating the intrinsic value of morality in people.

His diagnosis alludes to the fact that the modern culture was profoundly nihilistic because of the death of the supreme being that assisted in providing the value for people. God has been in a sense disregarded in the post-modernity, and the traditional values discarded as well thus the lack of purpose, and emptiness of life is the aftermath. Because God is dead to this generation and culture, His power is no longer operational in eth life of people resulting to the weird things that are happening. It could be true what Nietzsche is suggesting because in this post-modernity era people are more concerned about other things like making money and considering individuals as ultimate. As such, people have rejected God and lived like the world belongs to them and nothing is going to change any time in the future. For instance, life is no longer valued as it had an owner and the value of humanity is despised. Apparently, a person, will be involved in the killing, go to the court have an attorney suggest how they were unable to make a right decision as an escape from his wrongs. In fact, some will argue how death was the best alternative possible and not pay for their wrong doing. Additionally, stemming from nihilism is the rising aspects of abortion or euthanasia which are passed as okay as if there were no higher being that determined the course of the life of people. Therefore, looking at the dire consequences of rejecting God, Nietzsche would suggest that the full scope of this damage is yet to be experienced in the face of the earth. True to that, wrongdoing are propagating in the society with new evils coming to pass each new day. For instance, a few centuries, ago issues of gays and lesbianism were regarded as taboo, and nobody would entertain them as part of eth whole society. However, in this time and age, they are accepted in the context of the society with equal rights protected by the law in a country that suggests that their trust is in God. In the future, nihilism will be more rampant as the Antichrist comes.

Judeo-Christianity interpretation of existence fuels nihilism by failing to do its part in this world. Through Christianity, one can be able to know the existence of human beings as people with purpose created to accomplish something meaningful. However, such intrinsic value is derived from consistent teaching of the truth to the humanity, guarding it against the error and influence of the perverse world. However, when the Christians fail to remain separated and different from the world, nihilism will thrive in the world, and the church will have no different.

In conclusion, both art and philosophy do not seem to aid the situation and rescue the post-modernity era from nihilism. From Nietzsche diagnosis, Judeo-Christianity would be the solution. Acceptance of deity would result in valuing humanity, experiencing change and finding real value in ones life that philosophy and art do not seem to bring.

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