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Published: 2021-07-07
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Marketing channel refers to the exchange relationships array that creates the value of customers with regards to acquisition, disposition and consumption and goods and services. This implies that market needs give rise to exchange relationships which in turn serves the needs of the market. Members of various channels come to the market place prepared to deal with ever changing market wants and needs.

Market channeling involves channel intermediaries which are persons and organizations who participate in exchange mediation utility in partners relationship. Intermediaries provide the form, time, place and value ownership by connecting buyers and sellers. Intermediaries help in contractual efficiency, provides goods and services routes, minimize uncertainty extra. Marketing channel consists of producers, wholesalers, retailers and resource markets whereby producers and wholesalers require coordination, wholesalers-retailers require cooperation extra.

To implement a marketing plan for health care product, the following process will be applied:


Here the health care facility consults its business plan, the surveys on the satisfaction of its patients, volume reports, surveys on community and any relevant information which is simple to collect. One considers the dynamics in the market like seasonality, political related issues extra.

Comparative analysis

Implementation of a marketing plan involves studying ones competitors, competitors levels of advertising historically, forthcoming launch of a new product if any and the overall market competitive nature. Always ensure to develop a unique and outstanding selling proposition for better implementation.

Definition of vision and strategy

Implementing a marketing plan involves coming up with a vision and strategy. This includes making a list of all the disposable tools and coming up with the best option which will work best for ones product or service, ones marketplace and that which fits ones expected budget.

Some of ones disposable tools might include;

Direct marketing- where one uses letter and brochures

Networking-going where the products market is and developing a presentation.

Advertisement-one considers the print, broadcast among other publications as well as sports programs.

Training programs-increasing ones product and service awareness through training programs offered to customers.

Public relations-here one considers those sponsors who fit the service or product being marketed, one also holds vents, open houses extra.

Support building and enthusiasm

One locates the organizations champions, finds experts that help in supporting of ones marketing efforts using speaking engagement, interviews on the newspapers, media releases among others. This facilitates marketing plan implementation.

Market segmentation

Target audiences are considered and extensive thinking. One also evaluates his employees since they can be potential customers as well as offer best marketing services and strategies. An organizations employees, board members, staffs, and workers are the best internal sources of information with regard to the formulation of a marketing plan for a product or services. For instance, the nurses, clinics, and doctors can offer important information with regard to product or service usage and diagnosis. One assesses his business in terms of whether the patients comes from physical referrals or direct referral. A list of targeted audience is made and best way of reaching them identified.


Once you have the tools and materials needed and have determined an efficient way of reaching the targeted audiences, one then builds a budget which supports the plan or campaign. The 80/20 rule is the best when preparing a budget whereby 80% of ones volumes mostly comes from 20% of ones potential customers. One focuses on those groups that ensure the plans has the biggest impact.

Creative building

One turns his or her ideas into a creative product which supports his marketing plan. Here it is important for one to regularly refer to his vision and strategy to ensure that the developed creative concepts fully supports the long-term objectives. When outsourcing, agent tools are given more information and always ensure ones vision is shared.

Right kicking off

Before one introducing the campaign to the external world, the campaign should be introduced internally first. Involve all the employees, stakeholders, members of the board as well as physicians since often they can be the best marketing support.

Timing is key in the implementation of a marketing plan. One should, therefore, plan his or her rollout to maximize the exposure. Avoiding marketplace and down times like holidays is important especially when viewers and readers are less normal. Once the media plan is in place, it is always good to ensure you stick to it.

Evaluation and Measuring

When possible, it is good to include a call to action that is quantifiable since later on one might be interested in the tracking of new patients, calling them for information, physician referrals, hits on websites, procedures, and volumes of patients extra. One should consider the different preferences of consumers and top of mind program awareness which is likely to translate into more future volumes and facilitate plan implementation.

Team building and securing of resources

Here one thinks of who will constitute the implementation team, might include employees especially the marketing department, sales team extra. Sometimes one might outsource extra marketing partners, tools, and materials necessary for effort implementation. For instance hiring a medical specialist with marketing qualification.

At every step, it is important to ensure that ones marketing plan ends up being part of the culture of the organization. Leadership time and attention are garnered by the organizations strategic plans, its financial plans, and facility plans. Therefore, ensure that the marketing plan is well received and understood by all the organizations top management for effective and efficient implementation of the marketing plan.



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