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Published: 2021-08-11
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Lower-level managers who will be responsible for other people in the organization.

Medium-level managers who will be responsible for other managers and are focused on one area of the company such as finance, retail operations, logistics or procurement.

Senior-level managers who are in charge of an entire organization or specific division within the company. These managers manage the other managers and have the responsibility of various areas in the company while maintaining the strategic objectives of all of them.

According to Peter Drucker, organization structure can be designed to make it possible to attain the objectives of the company for five to ten years to come. He points out specific ways to establish a structure that is required to to attain the business goals. In this case, the activities of the business will be broken down into activity analysis, decision analysis and retention analysis to make it a success.

The company will incorporate various management styles with the main one being a consultative style to take into account all views and contribution of members of the company and encourage equal contribution to the success of the business.

Motivating staff

The herzbergs theory will be applied to motivate staff within the company. This theory ascertains factors in the workplace that result in either job satisfaction or dissatisfaction. The two theory factor checks on motivators and hygiene factors among others. In this case, I would check on the factors that motivate the employees and give them the positive satisfaction that arises from intrinsic conditions of the workplace. Hygienic factors include job security, fringe benefits and salaries among others.

Managing across cultures

To manage the different cultures in the region, I would ensure equal treatment of employees irrespective of their origin ensure that the organizations regulations are applied to all the employees accordingly.

Richard Lewis theory sees management of multinational companies as a hectic process due to cultural differences in the organization that affect how the business works. He provides three kinds of people, i.e. the linear active, universalities and reactive cultures who behave differently. This theory would affect my management structure since I have to understand how the different people behave. In this case, the management has to understand the different cultures in the organization and establish ground on how to merge them altogether.

Women in business

Women have a role in the business and this case will have to be given. Women will take managerial positions in the company such as directors and senior managers (Alison Maitland). Alison says women make more consumer spending decisions than men. According to research studies, companies with more than 30% of women on their board of management are more profitable than those without women. However, I would employ quotas in the employment strategies to ensure that only a limited number of women are employed to enhance gender balance. The quota would is applied to the culture of the women employed. Not only will the Emiratis be employed but, also women from other cultures who meet the job requirements to ensure cultural balance and management in the organization


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