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Published: 2021-08-15
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Primarily, the question of how the American politics influence the Latino community is debatable. The Latino community is not the only victim of the political effects but also on the contrary influences the trajectory of the political morphology in the region. The Latino population is one of the native ethnic groups alongside Hispanics, which include all the nations in the American continent with Latin - American heritage excluding Spain. The community over the past decades has had a significant impact on the politics and the demography of the United States of America (Affigne et al. 12). Some of the remarkable changes in this community that has shaken both the economy and political aspects are the ethical diversity and higher population growth as well as their increased number in the political arena. Consequently, the community has, in turn, faced various political hostility. Therefore, the Latino community influence and high engagement in American politics have some repercussions on the same group.

The most dramatic influence to begin with of the Latino community on the countrys politics was realized about some few decades ago. In the years between 1980 and 2000, the Latino American population almost doubled amounting to approximately 40 percent of the United States population. Furthermore, come the year 2003, the Latinos are designated the nations largest ethnic group. However, the paradox or an irony in the whole issue is the fact that with the approximately 53 million Latinos in the country also expressed as 17 percent of the growing and the population, only 34 seats of the 435 seats are under the Latinos.

Likewise, in the corporate world, the Latinos occupy only 4% of the total, with less than 3% of c suites in the precious country formed under the influence and the jurisdiction. Following this increase in the population of the Latinos community, it is therefore difficult for one to enter the white how as the U.S resident without their support. Moreover, research posits that the Latinos do not just vote based on political ideas, but their faith and belief primarily influence their political decisions. The majority of them are democrats hence on the other side Hispanic are mainly republicans. Therefore, this explains the current push for the deportation of the immigrants to secure the participation of Hispanics in legal and political matters.

Additionally, the Latinos large population has not only affect the political affairs in the region but also influenced immensely on the countrys economy, which is the backboard of political power. The yet another reason that makes the Latino group tower high is their savvy and shrewd ideas and thought both economically and politically. For instance, they pursue and foster ideas that all Americans need and envision to have, that is they push for affordable homes, quality education, good governance and access to healthcare, economic opportunity as well as reliable and safe communities (Affigne et al. 36). Unfortunately, despite all these strengths and the tyranny of numbers, the Latinos enjoy they have stilled lugged behind due to their political disengagement and concerns.

The influence of electoral system and government

Critically thinking, I tend to believe that the United States electoral system and process affect the Latinos negatively despite their large population. The Electoral College is a process and not a place is composed of 538 electors and not the entire community. Another key thing about this method that seems dangerous to me about the Latino community and their numbers is that states allotment of electors is not on the tyranny of numbers but a number of the states congregational delegation. The above implies that the members, therefore, involved the two senators and a member from the House of Representatives.

Personally, I believe the electoral process as one of the vital cause of political suppression of the Latino community. Meaning despite the Latinos large population still, they have no such power to control the countrys economy. Some states give a present the representatives based on the number of its member on the congregational delegation who are elected based on the number of representatives from the state hence the actual national popular vote is uncertain. Therefore, despite the massive amounts, the communities decisions are made by a handful of people in the leadership that undermine the community due to the threats of their alarming population in the future such as the immigrant's deportation quest.

It is perceived that the higher the number of voters the more elevated the influence of any elections outcome. I mean it seemed apparent that the in the last elections the Latinos more progressive vote could have altered presidential outcome say in states such as Florida but not anymore. According to (Schultz 26), he asserts that despite the ability of the Latinos to cause impacts in this region with their vote, the process has been made futile and inevitable since the issue has always been about the Cuban population. The republican in that area who are mostly Hispanics undergo sleepless nights pondering and deliberating on how to deal with the Cuban rise in people in the area. The Midwestern states at large have suffered and made anxious of the economic and demographic shift, hence their voting pattern was this time not influenced by what has been the case; the still-evolving brown electorate but the demographic change (Sanchez 32). It is for the above reason that the region vote president trump due to his unvarnished appeals to economic and racial restoration. The most significant challenge becomes when the Trumps deportation and financial plan slideshows and crumbles respectively.

In my viewpoint, the Latino community will only thrive, have a breakthrough and make gains and benefits of their high number voters if a few issues of concern is put into consideration. Of course, the Latino populations growth in younger people is an advantage to them as opposed to the Hispanics. With this regard, this person with a particular evidence of success in the future should venture into solutions that solve the problems and the unique needs of the immigrants such as civic leadership development, microloan services, support to immigrant families and the small business planning assistance. Another significant way is through college attainment mostly in the field of technology, math, science, and engineering (Garcia 46).

Arguably, I tend to fill that, the rapid upsurge of the Latinos population over the few last decades is a benefit and a challenge at the same time following the political system and laws in the United States. The process has to lead to the branding of the Latino population as sleeping lions, to mean they have the power but cannot exercise it (Tienda et al. 19). Just as it is in every country population growth of an alien population is a threat to the politics and economy of the corresponding region. The Latino surge and the power of policymaking instead of granting them political power have culminated in a stiff competition between them and the natives Hispanics.

The government and lawmaking have executed the special attacks. The key one will be the immigration policy which has shaken the Latino fraternity immensely with the most recent being the revocation of deferred action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) threatened by president Trump. On the same, not the president has also pushed for deportation of undocumented convicted criminals. Similarly, the voting right of the Latinos is also under threat. On the same note, there have been attempts to disenfranchise voters via the ID laws pushed by attorney general according to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund (Schultz 34). Immigration and infringement go voting rights have not been the only issue the Latino leaders have battled with, there have also been issues of health care where the president has reduced the uninsured rate of the Affordable Care Act by 9 percent.

In conclusion, the Latino community in the United States has faced with many political issues because their population growth experienced over the few decades. In what seemed to be more advantageous to the community is a disadvantage following the law and the electoral system of the land. Therefore, some of the political effects on the community include lousy governance, threats of revocation and deportation, voters disenfranchisement and inaccessible to affordable health care.

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