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Published: 2021-07-29
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It is quite common to find notice boards in places such as banks, schools, and movie theatres with the message maintain silence. These imply that silence plays a crucial role in various settings. Silence can be perceived to consist of an abstract process that does not involve the release of sound. We experience it on a daily basis especially in situations where we want to understand an issue or a situation. It is also considered a sign of respect when listening to an authority or an older adult. However, it is sometimes viewed as a rude or an unwelcoming gesture when a person remains silent or rather does not interact with the individuals around him or her. It is also associated with a misfortune whereby if an individual remains silent for a long period, the interpretation is that something unfortunate has occurred. Furthermore, it is also associated with relaxation or calmness particularly for individuals who engage in meditation activities. Therefore, I align with the view that silence exists.

Also, it is inevitable to find situations where the presence of sound is the norm. Places such as subways or buses that do not have stereos have individuals who have headphones or earphones plugged into their ears for them to listen to music or any entertaining aspect. Technologies such as smartphones and iPods are designed to hold, create and share music from one channel to another and hence facilitating the factors that result in sound. Also, sound plays a crucial role when it comes to developing contexts of plays and films. Nonetheless, it can be viewed that there are situations when sound is not necessary. Silence plays a crucial role in the current world that is filled with systems that produce sound. Silence is viewed to make it possible to transfer significant information from one subject to another. For example, in a meeting where the audience is quite large, it is inevitable that the speaker will use a public address system to ensure that everyone hears and listens to what he or she is saying. For the information to be adequately received, the audience has to exercise silence to get the message. Therefore, silence makes it possible to convey messages from one person to another easily. In other words, silence eliminates a communication barrier that is created by sound to ensure that information is adequately delivered. The same case applies when an audience is watching a play or a movie. Silence makes it possible to pay attention to the events taking place in the visuals and allows the entertainment aspect. Silence can also be perceived to bring about some aspect of control especially in situations where silence is demanded. Still, on the example of an audience watching a play, the rule of silence controls individuals such that they focus on what is taking place in an act. From an individual viewpoint, silence also enables concentration especially for individuals like I who are unable to work or read in the presence of noise.

The fact that silence exhibits several roles in a world where technologies that produce sound are plenty implies that silence is not nothing. Silence is important to facilitate the flow of messages, paying attention and controlling our conducts. It can be viewed as an inevitable construct that should be present to control sound.


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