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Published: 2021-07-16
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The airport is often a springboard of sheer joy or sheer frustration based on the service, the destination and the day. The Ground Transportation Concession at the airport is the most critical component airport customers experience. The Ground Transportation Concession occur the in best location that enables it to serve the passenger air traffic at the airport (Piedmont TriadAirport Authority, 2014). The number of passengers deplanes at the airport needs ground transportation to their destination.

The Ground Transportation Services at the Airport aim at improving customer service and deliver consistent, high quality and reliable ground transportation of passengers from the airport to points within Airport Service Area and beyond (Aiport Ground Transportation Association, 2017). The Concessionaires provide services such as Shared Ride Service (Van Service) and Exclusive Ride Service (Taxi Service) from the Airport to passenger destinations. The Exclusive ride or Taxi Service means a passenger is transported exclusively to his or her destination without intermediate stops (Broward County Aviation Department, 2011). The Shared Ride Service or Van Service means passengers transported do not have the right to exclusive occupy the vehicle and there may be intermediate stops as each passenger arrives at their destinations (Broward County Aviation Department, 2011). Passengers commonly use the Van Service because they wish to pay a lower fare and are willing to accept a shared ride. Thus, the Concessionaires have vehicles that help transport passengers and their luggage to their destinations, pick up passengers and perform other ground transportation management tasks.

As a planner I can help the business provide quality services by making the following recommendations:

It is critical to develop ground transportation information counters in every terminal to provide passengers with information on schedules, fares, and destinations served, and provide services for passengers with special needs.

The concessionaire should install, maintain and operate an Internet Reservation System, a Voice Telephone Reservation System and a GPS Vehicle Tracking system in their vehicles (Aiport Ground Transportation Association, 2017). Such standards should be met in its reasonable discretion.

The Concessionaire needs to have enough vehicles that should be available to meet the increasing and on-demand service requirements of customers arriving for their flights. The fleet of vehicles should be part of the number of vehicles that are dedicated to ground transportation services and additional vehicles that can be made available when there is higher demand. Thus, the Concessionaire should have enough vehicles that can meet the Ground Transportation Services at all times.

All vehicles being used to provide Ground Transportation Services should be comfortable for passenger use, free of physical damage, mechanically sound, in good appearance, clean and neat, and safe at all times (Piedmont TriadAirport Authority, 2014). The airport authority should check all the vehicles to ensure they meet all the airport standards.

In my opinion, a Concessionaire given the responsibility to provide Ground Transportation Services at the Airport should be able to deliver high quality, efficient and low fare service to passengers. Providing high-quality services such as taxicabs, which meet the higher standard of the airport and eliminating conflicts of interest among taxicab companies is critical. Additionally, there should be the distinction between the private car operators and taxicab operators. All Ground Transportation Services delivered at the airport should be customer friendly and consistent with the standards of the airport.


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