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Published: 2021-07-16
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30-Person t-shirt Design Company is a printing company which has shown higher performance and has attracted a larger market share in the industry. However, in the recent analysis, it has been realized that the sales volume have been declining due to changes in the customer behavior. Currently, the customers are opting for the online purchasing, a process which makes the company lose a competitive edge. These come as a result of the impacts of the globalization in the company.

Globalization is the development of the integrated global economy. It is an economy which comprises of the free international trade, free trade, and availability of inexpensive labor markets in most of the markets. There are various impacts of the globalization on the workforce particularly in T-shirt Company. First and foremost, it leads to a job dislocation. Due to globalization, the employees can be laid off due to the incorporation of technology, or they don't fit for the job given the introduction of the technology. On the other hand, the cheap labor can be outsourced in the countries where they are cheap hence making the current employees to be considered redundant. It thus forces workers to be relocated from one work to another. The main mechanism to control this problem is to offer the training to the employees on the new technologies presented by the advent of the technology. The training will thus ensure that the needs and make the employees very committed to achieving the needs and obligations of the company as well as that of the employees and save them from the low labor cost.

Globalization also leads to the job retraining and greater education since most people will be experiencing the new system which accrues in the market. These can thus be identified, and the re-employment programs should be improved to ensure that the needs and obligations of the business are met over time. The new skills will also aid in improving the skills to match that which is needed in the market. For example, given that the company's sales are going online, the employees should be educated and be trained to meet the needs of the customers over time. However, if this has not happened, then there will be no job specialization, a process which can lead to the decline in the level of productivity. Therefore, the company should take a stand and either outsources the new employees from the countries where it is affordable or trains the employees to make the company to achieve its set objectives and acquire a competitive advantage.

Globalization also leads to an incline in the standards by improving the workplace safety and tends to improve the conditions and principles. These thus improve the safety of the employees, a process which can lead to the improvement of the whole condition and operations. Therefore, the company can meet the required standards by the industry can be achieved by ensuring that there are an improved technology, work protection gears, and the laws which protect the rights of the employees. Therefore, with globalization, the company can meet various objectives but if an appropriate approach is not taken then the company can be subjected to more harm than good to the company as well as its employees.

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