Paper Example on Gender Inequality Index in the US

Published: 2021-06-29
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Gender Inequality Index (GII) on the other hand in the US is considered to have also experienced some changes. Women in power is a sign of progress in any given country since they have the capacity to bring changes just like men (Okeigwe et al. 2017). Since the change of the administration, quite some women have suffered retrenchment or been replaced by the men in their working areas. Most of the women who were employed in the low paying jobs that never required high skilled labor were deported during the reign of the new administration (Al-Ali & Isabel, 2016).

The inauguration of the new government in the USA was overwhelmed and welcomed by the proponents of the new leadership, but the whole nation has felt the effects. Every policy made ought to take effect, and the whole nation has to experience it. However, the new leadership has brought in challenges, which if not addressed earlier enough could lead to the loss of economic power thus making the nation vulnerable to the threats of insecurity from its enemies. One of the challenges that the country is facing is the lack of unity (Flotte, 2017). Failure to accept and accommodates the new leader in the administration has made it possible for the emergence of the demonstration to express any distrust to the government. The ripple effect felt by the other nations over the policy of deportation of people have brought the strained relationship between the US and the other countries. The trade that was taking place effectively between the nations is now strained, and the flow of commodities ceases to take place as expected.

Security matters are one of the major concerns for any country. Establishing peace between allies is the major pillar that would enforce the provision of the safety of people in the US. However, since the join of the new leadership, the country have broken ties with its allies with an idea of regaining its superiority, which instead increases the chances of lacking the basic security measures (Nunn, Qian &Sequeira, 2017). Any other nation should ensure the introduction of an administration does not break the ties between their allies to ensure there are safety and potential economic growth.


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