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Published: 2021-08-02
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Gender equality is a global issue that is critical in the education sector. Gender equality should be considered in the education system by ensuring both male and females access various majors of their choice. The University of Maryland provides a great example of gender gap which is experienced in multiple college majors. Ideally, several courses are dominated by students of the same gender. For instance, the majority of female students major in fashion, nursing, occupational therapy among others while male counterparts dominate engineering fields, computer science, and construction management.

With this lousy trend, the university management should control the gender imbalance by engaging all stakeholders through a participatory approach. Specifically, the university board, former students, and current student leaders should form a committee tasked to conduct a seminar to talk to local high school seniors about university courses. The committee should emphasize the need for the female students to take male-dominated fields such as engineering while their male counterparts enroll to female-dominated fields such as nursing and fashion.

Since engaging to already enrolled first-year students to change courses will be an uphill task, high school students should be the primary target. Both boys and girls especially the seniors should be a target to help them plan their future careers earlier and get to change their perception of different courses. For instance, female students have the attitude that engineering courses are complicated and are set just for a male. However, the committee can offer them insights of the course to debunk that perception among the girls.

Furthermore, the parents need to be engaged in the matter. When organizing for the engagement with students, their parents need to be involved in boosting the future of their young ones. Through this, the students will get courage and morale to take the massive task of enrolling in gender dominated fields while at the university. Additionally, high school seniors are at the right stage where their future career path needs to be well established through close monitoring and guidance.

Although it seems to be an easy task, the process can be expensive. First, the organizers will have to spend money on providing logistics for the formed committee and to aid their plans. Secondly, the high school managements need to be informed before the meeting to prepare their students for the talk. In addition to that, a lot of funds will be utilized in organizing the event since it will involve many students from various high schools.

The committee will be tasked to organize all the activities with the help of high school management. This process will be successful if conducted across all colleges because of the need to change the trend countrywide. Each college should mandatorily form a committee to enlighten high school students concerning the matter. This move is likely to attract the students because they will be interested in learning more about university education and the best careers in the education sector.

I expect the process will make significant efforts in reaching a wide range of local high schools in the country. Also, many institutions will take up the challenge and form committees that will engage not only high school students but also first-year students who may be willing to change their careers while already in the institution. Furthermore, there will be a change in gender gap because men will be expected to enroll in female dominate fields and vice versa. Lastly, the idea will improve the current UMD campus experience since it results to gender equality in the institution.

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