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Published: 2021-07-30
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Football is without doubt; consider one of the best and favorite sports around the world today. The term, Football carries with it a passion of its own. Football evokes mad excitement to its fans, and it was first practiced at a village known as Rugby found in Italy (Dieringer 87). According to recent research on the discipline, the football game originated from China. However, the views have not been substantially confirmed.

Soccer is played where two teams are playing against each other. Each team has got playing each the field has got eleven players. There is usually a goalkeeper, backlines, midfielders and then the strikers. During an international event, the duration mostly last for 90 minutes. The 90 minutes is usually divided two, with each consisting of 45 minutes. During the breaks, players are given a rest for 15 minutes whereby the head coach of each team has a chance talk with the players and make necessary changes. The match is overseen by one referee who is assisted by the linesman on each side of the field.

Football of today has evolved so much compared to the past. During the time of discovery, football was mostly played by strength and robust. However, the football of today is being played with a change pattern. A striker who is a good schemer in the attacking line is considered an absolute artist. Football of today requires a defender who plays the soccer with neat tackling, perfect anticipation, outstanding head work as well as successful overlapping. Therefore, football being played today is fascinating to watch the progress. Due to its style of play, tactics employed and desire to win the two opposing teams; football has become one of the best games around the world with millions of followers.

I still don't understand some people hate watching or playing football. Some people argue that it's a sport that requires no strength while other people say it takes too long to come to an end therefore boring. However, I believe that it takes strength, courage, and skill to reach to reach the levels where football stars reach (Eime 98). Nevertheless, everybody is entitled to his opinion. I started to participate in soccer because of the following reason.

FIFA Football Video Games

FIFA is the reason why I started developing an interest in football. When playing FIFA, you have control and determine the outcome of the match. As a young boy, playing soccer is not only interesting but also helped me to learn more about soccer. Playing FIFA with either friend or someone you come across online platform is the way of having great fun while enjoying the best game around the world.

Born and Raised Watching Soccer

Additionally, I decided to participate in football because I was born and brought up while watching football. Therefore, I developed an interest in soccer while I was still a young boy. My parents were the great lover of soccer, and they could not miss watching the soccer matches on television during the weekend. Football was the only thing that was on my mind.


Football matches bring the bride to its fun, especially when the team you are supporting is winning games (Aoyagi 127). Pride involves having trust in the team that you support and play for. I decided to participate in soccer because I wanted to show pride to my team. I wanted to support the team during good as well as bad times. I always play with a lot of intensity and great skill so that the team can have a good season and win trophies. However, if the team has got a bad season I still proudly support them, team.

There are various benefits that soccer plays to get from playing football. The benefits range from social, economic and health benefits that come with playing or watching football. By participating in soccer, there are a lot of advantages that I gained compared to the limitation that comes with playing the game.

Participating in football enhances my confidence, self-esteem as well as reducing anxiety in me. When playing football, the physical strength, as well as endurance, is built. Therefore, this help in the players to developed confidence within and outside the field. Self-esteem and perseverance help not only my performance in sport but also school performance, family life as well as friendship. Additionally, with all of the rigorous exercise involved in soccer, there is always the release of feel-good endorphins within the human body after the game. The feel-good endorphin is a major anxiety and stress reliever. Recent research reveals that frequent exercise is a good treatment for anxiety and depression within the human body.

Moreover, playing football encourages teamwork and sharing. During training, the personal goal of each player is to be fit. However, people always share a lot their goals with other people the goals most of the time push people push people towards each other. The lessons that I learn together with other players in the field usually translate to the rest of our lives. Additionally, football promotes the ability to work with other people thereby reaching a common goal which is very influential when linked to daily life. In other words, it encourages teamwork.

Consequently, due to participation in football, my body fats have been lowered and muscle tone improved. Soccer is the best sport that easily burns body fats since it works the heart and muscle in different directions. Since joining the football team, there has been tremendously built of my muscles mass as well as reduction of fats due to the burning of calories. The building of body mass, as well as burning of fats, is as a result of recruiting both fast-twitch and slow twitch muscles fibers.

Finally, after joining the soccer team, I have been able to travel to various schools especially during the school games. During the adventure, I have been able to learn a lot of new things. I have been able to benchmark the study modes of the different school, the meals that they were being served at various intervals and the general performance of the school.

Activity 2# drama

The drama was born during the Greek Drama Theater which took place in Attica, a region in Greece considered to be Ionic. It started during the Dionysos ceremonial orgies buts later spread to various parts with a lot of myth, but there was also historical facts. While drama is the process that people en encounter in their daily life through cinema, TV theatre and much more, different research claims that an average number of people is not aware that they are surrounded by the drama (Hongli 139). Therefore, the lack awareness can be attributed to the passive attitudes that people have towards it. According to the recent studies, Drama is a genre that is written for performance. Therefore, staging helps to improve the understanding of the reader on characters as well as issues. In the drama, staging refers to the order in which people put a play while on stage. It refers to the character positioning as well as props, ways in which the character move, ways in which the character uses their voices and the manner in which the character should look.

According to Gore Vida, having talent in a drama does not mean that individual has skills in writing. However, it just means that such individuals have talent in articulating human relationship. By saying that, Gore was passing a message that for an individual to efficiently deliver a play accurately, the relationship between the characters must be real, capable of capturing the audience attention and full of actions that are dynamic (Aoyagi 62). Most of the drama that captures the attention of the audience deals with death, family matter, growing up and relationship. Dramas always have a more profound meaning of everyday happenings in life. The direction is one of essential staging factors that are employed by the playwright to help the director communicate with the actor regarding the character movement and action, set type as well as positioning props. Hence this aspect affects the manner in which the audiences have a view of the scene since they disclose the social positioning, power relations, and association between characters (Feiping 179).

The following are some of the reasons that drove me to become a member of a drama club.

Peers pressure

After joining the primary school, the majority of my friend were members of drama club within the school. The drama club was doing very well especially during sports. The club used to do better during the interschool competition. My best friends who were members of the club were having a lot of trophies that they were given after participating and winning various competitions. The members of the dram Club used to travel every weekend to different places and perform various actions. Since members of the drama were traveling to different beautiful places, I decided to join them travel and win trophies together with them.


Students who are participating in the drama are known in the entire school. People do remember them with the physicality that they often put when performing. It is understood that the mind of human being remember a picture it captured a long time ago. Therefore, the physicality that the people acting in a drama put is always not easy to forget. The members of the school drama were known by their acting name more than even the name of the play they were acting. They were fairly treated by the school administration. The members of the school drama were less punished by the teacher in case they made a mistake compared to the rest of the school. Therefore, I choose to join drama because of the favors and rewards that they were getting after performing in an event.


Watching people performing comes with a lot of happiness. The members of the school drama used to enjoy when acting on the stage. I used to admire the way the actors acted and perfectly assumes other peoples character. Additionally, I used to enjoy the message that they passed to people especially those that motivated the audience to work hard in school (Fernandez-Rio 2015)

People who love drama and theater are just in a perfect place. Joining drama clubs comes with a lot of benefits. Before joining the drama, I used to feel lonely, bored and antisocial. I used to be pessimistic about life. Joining drama club turned my life and made me have hope for life again. The following are some of the benefits that I gained after joining drama.


Before joining the school drama club, I used to be shy in front of a crowd or people. I felt shy even to my talent. After joining the group, I continuously interacted with people thus helping me to shed away the shyness. The level of confidence in me as boost up hence I can easily and confidently perform in front of a big audience while giving my best.


Since joining the drama club, my acting and dancing skills have tremendously improved. However, the ability to express me audibly overruled everything. I have become too much expressive.

Social interaction

Joining the school drama club has enabled me to meet new people across the country including the president. Through the club, I have got a chance to make new and cool friends. The new friends that I met have continued to introduce more friends hence enabled me to have a big social interaction base.


The drama lesion that I have taken part of as enabled me to become more creative. During acting, I try to come out of my practical modern lifestyle and enter into imagination world. Therefore, drama clubs as enable me to show my creativity in a significant way.


During the first times in drama, I used to feel conscious more often, however, as time continues, I would always throw myself and let the anxiety pass. After fully adapting, I have been having a great deal of fun



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