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Film study is an academic field that relates to numerous historical, theoretical and critical approaches to film. In some cases, it is incorporated with media studies and often associated with the television studies.

Why should we study film?

Ideas come to real-life: Unlike most of the studies where students are expected to demonstrate their real-life ideas through essays, the film study offers an opportunity to transform the ideas both as an essay and in a practical manner. All the required resources are at disposal, starting with the camera lights and other editing equipment. In film production, people will appreciate your ideas both in papers and the practical films that you produce as practical (Six reasons to study a Film Making degree, 2017).

Exciting career: Being in a film career, you will encounter some of the top celebrities and prominent people who you will interact in the line of duty while interviewing them and learn ideas that will enlighten your future (Six reasons to study a Film Making degree, 2017).

A career full of opportunities: There are numerous job opportunities once one study films, they include; camera operator, movie production, media production, advertisement management and so on (Six reasons to study a Film Making degree, 2017).

It is a trendy career: Film production is a dynamic career and has been evolving since the introduction of cameras. Every day companies are coming up with the new way of spicing film production and making it more interesting compared to the ancients ones, for instance, 3D view (tree dimensions). Also, there are apps that have been developed to promote the film industries (8.4 Issues and Trends in Film, 2017).

What is the value of studying films?

The key value of studying films is that after being profession one will be able to articulate thoughts, emotions and ideas films through the motion pictures which are used to put emphases instead of the written scripts and essays (8.4 Issues and Trends in Film, 2017).

What do films teach us?

The film teaches us social, economic and political issues that surround our society. Ideas covered in the film may either be of real life or staged managed, which covers issues pertaining human life. Some of the purposes of the film are like, entertainment, educating, cautioning, guiding and much more. Some of the things that we might learn through the film are like:

How to conserve environment

Educating about human-animal anatomy

Cautioning about health hazard foods

Educating on the past world history


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