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Published: 2021-07-09
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As part of requirement for the internship, the employer assesses the intern in terms of their suitability at the organization and the learning progress they make. At UCC the evaluation occurs on several dimensions that include affect the general performance at the company. Some of the areas evaluated include:

The academic qualification

The technical skills they possess

The skills one has in making plans and the organization they exhibit

The quality of the work performed

Their skills in communication

The level of personal initiative exhibited

Their ability to analyze situations and make decisions

The level of professionalism shown

The accountability level of the individual

Their suitability to the culture of the organization

Academic qualification

From the assessment made the intern exhibited that he had the academic qualification to partake the internship role. The reason for this is because he showed the general understanding of the various concepts encountered in the work place. From the information acquired from the colleagues working closely with him. He understood what to do and when to do even with little experience. He showed he had knowledge of work processes at the department such as the recruitment where he participated and showed knowledge on what to do. In fact when left out at some of the stages such as the interviewing stage, he asked questions that show he knew what had transpired and therefore would easily catch up in the process. In the various forums that he got an opportunity to contribute, either in the departmental meetings, the selection team meetings or at the company event during the Eid celebration, he did so with confidence from a point of knowledge such that his contribution was requested in many instances.

When it comes to learning of new functions such as the preparation of the payroll, one needs to have an understanding of the basic components of the process such as the statutory deductions and the personal ones. In this case, the intern showed vast knowledge on these aspects such that when it came to the actual task itself, he needed just some little guidance to become conversant with it. The role at the customer service also requires an individual who knows the basic principles required when dealing with customers. In this case, the individual was appointed to stand in the position because he showed to have the understanding of what it takes to satisfy the needs of customer, which implies that they had the relevant training on the same in school.

The intern also showed understanding of the work environment cultures such as respect of the hierarchy of authority. Such knowledge on what to do, when to do it and who to consult shows he was knowledgeable on to coordinate himself and the tasks given thus making him suitable for the position and tasks he was given.

Technical skills

The individual showed technical proficiency that is sufficient for the requirements of the job considering the level of education attained at the time of the internship. There are various skills that were tested and in which he did well despite the little experience. One of them is the fact that he was had computer competency. The skill is important to the company because most of the work that relates to the position he was working requires basic computer literacy skills, which he had and even surpassed. This helped in the performing tasks as the preparation of the payroll and the computation of figures thus making task of taking him through them very easy. The intern was customer focused which is key to the delivery of service in the food industry and this focus was not only to the external customers but also to the internal ones at the organization. Over the period of the internship, we had no complain about the handling of any of the customer issues and in fact there were referrals and commendation s for the service he offered especially while serving at the customer care desk.

It is important also that someone is keen on detail in the role that he undertook. On this aspect he did exceptionally well such as when taking orders from the customers or when reviewing the candidate to invite for the interviews. By doing this when confirming the orders from the clients, it ensured that their specifications are met and thus leaving them satisfied when the product or service is delivered to them. When it comes to the recruitment process, processing of the fine details is important because it can mean the difference between the candidate chosen and the one that is not. The reason for this is that the company cannot absorb everyone who applies.

Good etiquette when using a phone is also key in the delivery of service where the customers often call in to inquire about the services or to make orders. How one takes the call, can mean the difference between attracting business and missing out on it. Therefore, it is vital that one is to have good mannerisms when taking the calls from the clients either internal or external. On this aspect, the intern performed well to the extent patrons that visited the premises remembered the conversation he had with them and even some quoted what he said. Such a skill does not only bring business to the company but also but also build on the reputation of our business as one that respects and values the customers.

Accuracy is also important when delivering services in the industry that UCC operates in and thus one should be careful on what they promise to deliver to the customer. Overpromising is detrimental to the business because it means that the client will be unsatisfied if there is no matching of what you tell them and what is actually delivered. Under promising on the other hand means that the client will not get the attraction to take the offer thus meaning that you lose business. Therefore, in this case giving the correct information is the only option to having satisfied customers. The intern always ensured that he gave the correct information and when not sure, he made an effort of confirming the details before making the offer avoiding any kind of backlash. In the human resource department he also ensured that there was accuracy in the reports that he was tasked to work on thus ensuring that the decisions made based on them had a correct backing.

Organizational and planning skills

It is also important that one has the ability to plan on the course of action to take so that they can accomplish a task. Planning is especially important when given challenging work that has some strict deadline. A person in such a scenario needs to come up with a step by step way of tackling the task before them to ensure that they accomplish it within schedule and in a satisfactory manner. The intern showed exemplary ability to make plans on how to accomplish his tasks comprehensively and thus considered an asset for the period that he served at UCC.

In terms of organization, the learner performed well because he always ensured that when given multiple tasks at the same time, he formulated a way to tackle each of them in a systematic manner. It was also visible in the way that he arranged the various documents that he was extracting information from such as those to do with tax when preparing the payroll. The arrangement was in a way that it was easy to extract any piece of information from the files sand even when asked for them as proof, he easily traced them. The ability to organize his work is also evident from the way he is able schedule his time when given multiple tasks in a creative way that is also efficient.

Quality of work

The manner in which he performed tasks given to him is beyond reproach. He took the opportunity to do his best at whatever role assigned to him in way that he even surpassed those that who are the earning employees of the company. The attention to detail that he took in doing the work assignments was like someone who had invested in the company. Whether working at the human resource office or assisting in customer service, he ensured that he met the company standard of excellence and this explains why the colleagues at the department could delegate some duties to him.

During the company event held on the Eid holiday, he took the initiative to market the company like someone who had long investment in it. The way he took time to explain the various products offered by the company was impressive such that in the following week we had new clients who followed up and asked for our services for the first. Commitment is one of the key values that we seek to promote at UCC and to my knowledge as his supervisor; he was a true embodiment of what is have it.

Communication skills

In any workplace setting, communication is a key component to effectiveness and efficiency. At UCC, we have a culture of open communication such that everyone is free to ask for clarification if they need it or even contribute whenever there forums to do so, such as during meetings. The intern exhibited to ability to articulate his ideas in a clear and precise manner both verbally and in writing. During the meetings held by the department, it is in my knowledge that he was an active participant who was not afraid to make his contribution when called upon to do so despite the relatively low experience.

He also interacted with the other workers effortlessly and had no conflicts with anyone, which suggests either that he knew how to resolve them well or he was tactful in avoiding them. In fact, after arriving at the organization he was able to build a rapport with workmates very fast to the extent that they were cracking jokes within the first week. When it comes to written reports, from those that he sent to me I could clearly get his ideas easily. The reason that I chose him to stand in and assist at the customer service desk was his ability to communicate and it is evident from the testimonials of clients that he did an exemplary job.

Level of personal initiative

The intern was consistently proactive in nature in whatever that he did at UCC whether at the human resource department, at the customer service or during functions. He is very productive in the tasks performed and even where he is not conversant, he takes the challenge head on.

When working I noticed that he always takes the action that is appropriate without constantly seeking direction. For example when a customer inquired about the cost a cuisine while serving at the customer service, he went ahead to research on himself and gave the client the correct offer. In most cases, he only needed the initial instructions to get the motivation and the sense of direction on what to do. He was reliant on himself and only requested for help where it was necessary. The sense of achievement that drove him made him even ask for more work when he felt that what was on his table was inadequate.

During the tasks that were given to teams, I was informed that he took the initiative to volunteer to do some tasks. A good example of this is during the UCC function that he took the role of assisting at the children play area. He also accepted the role at the customer experience desk without any complaining despite having very little training on the same. By having such a character, it made working with him enjoyable and non- strenuous.


When it comes to making of decisions, the ability to analyze facts is very important. The reason for this is that a good judgment has valid premises that helped arrive at it. The intern showed considerably the capability to do this. When confronted by a problem, he knew the skills to apply in order to resolve the issue and even when he did not have the capacity, he knew who to ask for assistance.

It is important to always important to look at the bigger picture when confronted by a task and this is something that he always seemed to have. Having such a v...

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