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Published: 2021-06-23
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1). Write a short example of an experience where you or someone you know has been a victim of behavior that would be an example of a stereotype, prejudice, discrimination, or racism.

My friend was the first the suspect that he was a drug peddler simply because he is a Black American- prejudice.

My older cousin who has no idea in cooking was being appointed to take care of catering department at a party because of being woman stereotype.

My friend was not taken in a job interview to work for an Indian Company. The company was not employing individuals from other ethnic groups- discrimination.

Ravinder is being bullied up by a group of pupils at the school, because he is Asian- racism.

2). Write a short example of a time when you treated someone in a way that would be an example of a stereotype, prejudice, discrimination, or racism

I could not reveal that Abha is my girlfriend because she is an Asian and my parents do not want to date outside our race- racism.

When I was managing my dads apartments, I denied a Muslim a vacant just because the policies prohibit me from giving Muslims houses- discrimination.

I could not allow my new schoolmate in a party because he was shabbily dressed. I assumed he might turn to be violent because he comes from a poor background- prejudice.

I could not let my aunt drive me although she had a driving experience of over ten years since I assumed all women are bad drivers - a stereotype.

In what ways are the examples similar?

The examples are similar because all of them involve denying someone an opportunity which is very hurting. Racism is a stronger form of prejudice applied to justify the belief that a particular race is inferior or superior to others.

In what ways are the examples different?

Discrimination refers to the actions taken by a group of individuals while prejudice/racism is a biased thinking about a group of people. On the other hand, the stereotype is an oversimplified generalization about a particular group of individuals.

Which examples stem from cultural differences?

The examples of racism and discrimination

Which examples stem from covert, unintentional racism?

The example about my girlfriend AbhaWhich examples stem from covert intentional racism?

The example of Ravinder being experiencing bullying at school

Which examples stem from aversive racism?

Denying a Muslim an apartment

How does stereotyping, prejudice, discrimination and racism affect:

1. Human Development- Prejudice affects the human feelings about others both positive and negative. Stereotype affects cognitive development by influencing what people think about others. Discrimination affected the behavior of individuals making them to either treat others in a positive or negative way. Racism makes people believe that some groups of individuals are either competent or unfit for certain jobs.

2. Culture- The stereotype might lead to people to be prejudice. Prejudice might lead be to be discriminating in nature. Racism will prevent people from interacting others hence they cannot learn other peoples culture.

3. Health The feeling of discrimination and racism might make people be depressed and be anxious. The depression might make people develop chronic diseases.

How does human development, culture, and health affect stereotyping, prejudice, discrimination and racism?

People who grow along with people are who are discriminating are racist likely to develop this attribute of being racist. People who view themselves as having a superior culture than others will are likely to stereotype, prejudice and discriminate people from other culture. An individual with good health especially physically and mentally are not likely had discrimination, prejudice, stereotype, and racism against other people.

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