Paper Example on Cultural Differences in Business Communication

Published: 2021-07-02
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Assignment 1. The scope of the issue (Culture and Business) on a Global level and its effect on the Global community.

Currently, technology has grown significantly, and it can be seen in almost every aspect of our lives, this has resulted to cultures and economies coming closer. Due to the power of technology, people are now aware of the lifestyle, traditions, living conditions and lifestyle existing in almost every corner of the globe. Effective communication is vital to the success of any business venture, but it is especially important when there is a real danger of your message getting lost in translation. Development in communication and other factors such as lower tariff barriers have enabled the multinational companies to access foreign markets. Businesses need to be more specialized to enter the global market so that they can sustain the competition from the local businesses and other foreign agencies. Therefore, businesses should attempt to specialize and adapt to the culture of their hosting market. This is ideology is extremely important, especially if these businesses are trying to enter the developing countrys market. Due to the globalization of the economy, the world is experiencing an intense movement of assets, companies, services, people and capital from one place to another. Globalization is transforming the worlds technologic, social and economic structures. However, it concentrates its actions in some countries and regions rather than acting everywhere.

Assignment 2. Identify the Global issue (Culture and Business) to a specific local community.

Globalization has structurally weakened the individuality and the identity, sometimes even developing greater inequality within societies. Not only has it affected the culture of the local communities, but it has also exacerbated economic and socio-cultural situations which have caused an increased poverty in the region. We will use Latin America to explain the impacts of this situation. In Latin America, their heritage, individuality, and culture have been compromised by globalization. The face of this place has changed, but not often for the better. It is essential to note that before globalization there were poor and impoverished people in America, but due to globalization, the gap between the poor and the rich has increased. The people from the Latin America should devise appropriate approaches which will enable them to preserve their cultures, traditions, and customs that they adore so much. Globalization has been harmful to the cultural identity of Latin America, since it has negatively affected their society socially, politically, economically, and culturally. Although, there are advantages of globalization such as increased economic growth and the standard of living in regards to international investment and trade, only a few people benefit. It should be noted that over depending on foreign commerce can be harmful to a community.

Assignment 3. Provide examples of intervention strategies at the local level that can also help to improve the global community.

Implementation of intervention approaches means that appropriate techniques are put into practice to meet local needs. This helps the local communities to transform the community conditions for the population-level improvements. These communities should work together in solidarity to ensure they come up with effective and long-lasting strategic interventions. Some of the interventions that have been provided include education and social protection. Education is important in breaking the cycle where severe deprivation and severe poverty has been a problem for the local communities. Educational opportunities need to be availed in both global and local community to ensure a deliberate and conscious approach to solving problems facing them. To solve the problem of widening the gap between the rich and the poor it is critical that fiscal measures are implemented so that a system of social protection is created to protect the local community and by extension the global community. In general, we live in a world that is gradually shrinking and expanding, it is growing adjacent and farther apart at the same time. The pace of global change is extremely high; even those trained find it difficult to keep up with new developments.


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