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Published: 2021-07-01 07:54:59
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Trump revoked an order, also known as Executive Order 13672 that the Former President Obama issued in 2014 that provided protection and fair treatment of Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Queer (LGBTQ) in the job sector. It called for various companies that had intention partnering with the federal government to adhere to the laws that gave them restriction against discrimination based on gender (Zack, 2016). By canceling the order, the crisis is likely to occur from the protests by the LGBTQ. Crisis can be defined as any situation that threatens business operations, people's safety and property and can result in negative impact. Therefore, this paper intends to provide a Crisis Communication Plan that would engage likely crisis.

The first plan is to anticipate crisis through gathering a crisis team that can hold intense discussions on the possibility of the crisis to occur. This is fundamental since it helps to evaluate how intense is the crisis and helps to think of the possible response. It is fundamental to identify a crisis communication team lead by the CEO inclusive of legal counsel, chief advisers and public relations executive(Jonathan, 2016). This helps to avoid legal matters when addressing the affected group of people, and in this case are the LGBTQ. Then, identify and train spokespersons. The communication team should, through legal policies, train spokespersons to speak on its behalf, especially during the crisis, and he or she should have qualities such as the right skills and position. The importance of training spokespersons helps them to prepare and be ready to answer to stakeholders. Additionally, establish notification and monitoring Systems that would contact stakeholders both external and internal without any delays using various modalities such as email, phone call, Short Massages (Jonathan, 2016).

The use of Instant Messenger programs can prove to be very effective for use in notifying and monitoring the crisis progress. Identification and knowing the stakeholders both internally and externally is fundamental in planning for the crisis since it helps in understanding the kind of audience to handle and deal with. After the above procedure, develop a holding statements that would keep records of the crisis, can also be used for references. In case the crisis erupts, assess the situation of the crisis through acquiring adequate information about the crisis, finalize and adapt to key messages. Analyze the post-crisis and evaluate the lessons acquired from the crisis, for example, the mistakes accumulated from the crisis, what can be done to improve the preparedness of a crisis to finalize a Crisis Commination Plan for canceling the Executive Order 13672 (Jonathan, 2016).


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