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Published: 2021-07-19
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A business problem is a reference to a state which is a reflection of a deviation from the normal mode of operation or the desired state of an entity or organization. The management of an organization has the responsibility of identifying such a problem, analyzing it to determine the cause of the problem and then implementing strategies which are aimed at rectifying it (Jones, 2015).

In this instance, I have to focus on complacency as a business problem with a focus on the police department. Police officers undergo complex training before their graduation to ensure that they are amply prepared to carry out their duties and responsibilities. Such duties include maintaining law and order, carrying out investigations and enforcing federal and state laws. While the majority of the duties and responsibilities are carried out as expected, there are some instances where complacency is present. Complacency is particularly costly in this field due to the risky nature of the work of police officers in their law enforcement duties.

Complacency in this field can have fatal consequences, and therefore the variable which can be researched is the number of deaths of law enforcement officers. Identification of complacency as a business problem within the police department can only be researched the death of law enforcement officers is carried out. Once it is proven that it leads to the death of police officers and the data collected, the department can then embark on efforts aimed at eliminating this problem. Eliminating this problem would be beneficial to the police department because it would mean that fewer officers would die in the line of duty. It would also reduce cases of family suffering as experienced by family members of officers who are killed in the line of duty.

If I were to research complacency in law enforcement, I would select the deaths of police officers as the variable. For this research, I will require employing both qualitative and quantitative data collection methods. Obtaining data from information systems and archives will be my main quantitative data gathering method. Since this research will mostly be concerned with a number of deaths, quantitative data collection methods will be prevalent. However, to prove that complacency was involved, I will require the feedback of other individuals such as coworkers. In this case, I will use interviews as the main qualitative data collection method.

Although these methods are usually used to significant success, I will have to ensure that they ultimately provide me with accurate and valid data for the research. For this purpose, I will countercheck my findings and data collection methods with previous studies. Correspondence with other previous studies will be an indication of accurate and valid data collected using these methods. Since the research will be based on a sample, I will ensure that the sample is at optimum operation and diverse enough to represent the whole country.


Jones, G., & George, J. (2015). Contemporary management. McGraw-Hill Higher Education.


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