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Published: 2021-07-14
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Case study
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Global strategies refer to specific policies that are designed to enable an organization to achieve the set objectives of international growth. These plans cover three broad areas i.e. global, multinational and international development. In the process of developing global strategies, it is important to differentiate between the various forms of international expansion that mainly arise from an organizations resources, current global position, and capabilities. The primary decision in global strategy is based on how much local variation there might be for a brand. Through comprehensive strategy, the organization treats the entire world as one large market. From a teams perspective, comprehensive strategies provide an opportunity for new markets and thus more profits. Additionally, some companies adopt global strategies with the aim of resource and efficiency seeking. Consequently, comprehensive strategies improve client-customer relationships at a global scale and thus business is developed. Organizations should take up comprehensive strategies as it comes with numerous advantages i.e. cost savings are produced by a team especially when it shares activities or transfers competencies from one group to another. Similarly, a brand will be globally recognized for global strategies. There will also be comprehensive customer satisfaction as high-end products will be developed. It is therefore clear that implementing global strategies is of great significance, not only to the organization but also to their customers. In this case, study, switching from the locally supported CRM software to the new global application will significantly transform the business as new markets will be ventured. Though the transformation process will be faced with various challenges, it should be incorporated in a positive attitude by all the workers. Global strategies are necessary for the sense that they empower communities in the most neglected areas to improve the peoples businesses and lives in general. Customer relationship management encompasses all practices, technologies, and strategies that organizations use to analyse and manage the interactions with the clients with the aim of retaining customers and improving sales. CRM systems gather information concerning customers both locally and internationally. Also, they give updated customers personal data history of purchases, their interests, and preferences. This interaction helps an organization have a better understanding of their clients and therefore offer goods or services that will have highest customers satisfaction (Kumar, 2008).

Problem Statement

The problem at hand is switching from the local CRM system to the new software that is global-based. Most managers of this organization are pushing for delays to change from the locally supported CRM software to the modern international application. Different employees and managers tend to believe that a delay to switch over would be of help to them, which is not the case. Ideally, the switch could take two months, but due to internal staffing changes, the process would take much longer. Another problem with the switch comes in whereby about 50 managers and staff say that they are in the middle of client deadlines and a lot of information is still in the current database. They, therefore, ask for an extra period of six months. Thirdly, several functions in the modern global application are still not present in the Canadian version. Without these essential services, business will not run smoothly in the organization, and therefore delays will be present. This case study, therefore, aims at finding out this and other software switchovers with minimal disruptions to business in Canada. The new CRM in Canada faces both a competitive environment and constant pressure to maximize productivity from consulting workforce. These and other challenges are being faced by Canadian organizations in the course of implementing global strategies. Business growth could, therefore, be hindered as the world markets will hardly be ventured into using the locally-supported CRM software. It is important for there to be a review of the current software being used and a more adequate and suitable one to be developed.


Most managers and staff feel that more time is needed for the switch over to take place, but this is not true. The locally-supported CRM database can be changed into global software to improve the business by venturing into potential international markets. However, the biggest problem comes in whereby the Canadian version of CRM lacks key features which are necessary for business concerns. IBM facilitates the sale and leasing of its technology and services to customers. IBM Canada has developed a range of products and skills over the years. Within IBM, the need to meet the clients needs prompted the incremental shift to become an internationally integrated enterprise. Over the years, IBM operated in each country independently with each country managing its operations. However, inconsistencies developed in different companies within the countries.

Failure to adopt global strategies such as the CRM will adversely cost the organization. International markets will not be reached, and therefore small profits will be made. Also, the organization will not be at par in the competitive business environment, both locally and internationally. For there to be effective change, SMART objectives need to be developed by the organization. The following objectives will act as a guide in the implementation of suitable global strategies; to adopt a comprehensive CRM software within a month; to assess the suitability of the global database; to promote the success of the new world software. Through global strategies in businesses, revenues will not just be confined within local boarders. This enterprise will have the capability to sell their products or render services in foreign markets. IBM, for instance, will integrate all aspects of the business i.e. supplier, potential markets, and also the prestigious competition. It is, however, important to note that operating a global strategy e.g. the global CRM software, may incur costs that may be greater than the actual benefits. In such a case of computer software and databases, economies of scale benefits may be difficult to obtain in practice. Also, managers and workers in different states often need to be consulted; core issues need to be explored and discussed. This means that senior executives and stakeholders must do thorough research about a global strategy before implementing it in their organization. It should be noted that comprehensive plans require a team to have the necessary technical and human capabilities for there to be the effective change. In this case, the organization must have the relevant technologies regarding information systems to switch from the locally-supported software to an international database. All the workers and other stakeholders in the organization should have a positive attitude towards this change as it aims at benefiting the company (McKean, 2014).

Alternatives Analysis

In this case study, there is the need for other options as the Canadian global version lacks specific features which are necessary for conducting business. Improved versions of customer relationship management software can be implemented to help in improving business smoothly and efficiently. An example of an enhanced version is the Oracle CRM which supports cloud integration with Outlook and mobile devices, as well as marketing and sales applications. This alternative is effective as it offers an improved customer relationship management platform that covers both local and global markets. According to reviews done by the organizations, Oracle Siebel is powerful organizational-level customer relationship management software. Through this software, enterprise-level organizations become part of the global market movement. Also, this product covers marketing, process, sales, and services. It is also easy to use, flexible, and user-friendly. Similarly, it is very stable with regular maintenance, and staging refreshes performed relatively seamlessly by Oracle. There are improvements from regular releases of new versions which provide extra features and enhancements. However, this software has its cons i.e. it has a reputation for high risk and is very expensive. Expertise is also needed to properly configure the application to meet requirements.

Another alternative that can be put in place is the Piper drive which helps to focus on the global picture and gives step-by-step guidance to keep every individual focused on the activities that develop business enterprises. It is user-friendly and flexible. Also, it improves customer relationship management through enhanced interaction. It is an essential tool for performing follow up in an organization. In this case, IBM can implement this software and customize it to fit its particular clients needs. It will help keep IBM on track towards the sales goals and other intended accomplishments.

Another alternative that can be put in place is the Microsoft Dynamics Customer relationship management. This global database allows for individuals in an organization to make critical business decisions with much confidence. This alternative could help IBM improve customer relationships, financial procedures, and supply chain processes in a manner that will boost the success of the business. Just like the other alternatives, it is easy to flexible and user-friendly. It also has essential customer relationship management features that provide for functions such as sales, finances, accounting, and marketing. It is however expensive to implement initially.


Customers are important stakeholders in any business, and therefore their management should be given much priority. A suitable CRM alternative should be selected, based on the capabilities of the enterprise. In the case of IBM, a more sophisticated customer management database is required to boost the success of the business. The current CRM being used is not quite efficient as it lacks specific features that are essential for business. The locally-supported CRM should be replaced with the Oracle CRM which is a more effective and globally-based database. Oracle CRM is a flexible and user-friendly database that gives an opportunity for organizations to venture into international markets and thus higher profits. Through Oracle CRM, a platform is offered for effective customer relationship management. Also, it is most suitable for such an organization that faces stiff competition and also seeks to venture into global markets. I would, therefore, recommend the implementation of this new Customer relationship management database in IBM as it will fill the gaps left by the locally-supported Canadian CRM. In the ever changing global business environment, such a database will ensure IBM remains relevant and makes greater profits. It will also ensure customers satisfaction at a global scale. Though expensive to start with, it is an effective way to the organization to sell its brand beyond local borders. Consequently, the emergence of new markets will reflect greater sales especially from the same products. It is, however, important to note that expertise is required to deal with this database. Professionals are needed to correctly configure the application to meet the set requirements. IBM should use this alternative as it will with no doubt serve the customer's relationship management needs.

Action and Implementation Plan

A correctly set action plan should be put in place in the course of CRM transformation in the organization. First, all the workers and other relevant stakeholders should be fully informed and trained...

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