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Published: 2021-06-29
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This paper critically analyzes the leadership of Christine Shulz, from Goodwill Industries of Southeastern WI. Shulz has successfully impacted on the organizational systems and individuals as a leader. Whats more, Shulz has managed to create positive and valuable change in the people she leads, with the ultimate outcome being a successful transition of her followers into effective leaders. Additionally,, looking at her perception of change, Shulz aims at increasing the performance, morale, and motivation of the employees she leads through applying various tactics including; connecting to the employees self and identity and the overall mission of her organization, understanding and accommodating both weaknesses and strengths of the people she leads, challenging enhances accountability among the followers, and act as a role model for others to emulate (Kotlyar & Karakowsky, 2007). These aspects of leadership have enabled Shulz to successfully align the followers with professional obligations that can facilitate their performances.

Some evident elements that can explain Shulzs exemplary leadership include;

Self-assessment. From a light talk with Christine Shulz regarding leadership, I am able to point out her attempts to assess herself through noting down her aims, dislike, strengths, hobbies, weaknesses, and interests. This explains the reason why as a leader, she has always managed to delegate to followers with the same capabilities, so as to attain the primary interest. Therefore, instead of falsely believing that her followers can accomplish the same tasks, Shulz has successfully demonstrated the significance of complimenting others and not supplementing. Moreover, her self-assessment has enabled her to recognize and develop her leadership perceptions.

A sharp perception. Knowing Shulz at a personal level, I am certain of her sharp perception that makes her an outstanding leader. Through this attribute, Shulz has easily established a genuine communication with her peers, followers, and teams, hence understanding what they think about her leadership. The outcome of this has been a competitive and relaxed atmosphere that improves employee relationships within Goodwill Industries. To maintain her sharp perception, Christine promotes an open and honest communication.

Responsiveness. Christine Shulz is very responsive to the needs of her followers, both at individual levels and at team levels. Being responsive has enabled her to point out the individual needs of various teams under her leadership. Thus, Christine understands that while some teams prefer consistency over creativity, others would go for trust over hard work. This makes it easier for her to make effective team partnerships.

A perfect knowledge of Goodwill Industries as an organization. Christine understands the primary goals, aims, values, and purpose of the corporation that she works for, and the outlined strategic measures that can facilitate the attainment of these goals. This makes Christine an effective leader since she understands her exact role as a leader that can facilitate development and growth of her organization. For instance, Shulz would often remind her followers of the significant of collaborative work in the attainment of the set objectives (Kotlyar & Karakowsky, 2006).

An Analysis of Christines Leadership

Judging from her leadership conducts, perceptions, and attributes, Christines leadership can be categorized as a transformative one. Evident from a personal interaction with her, is her desire to motivate followers to attain the desired and unanticipated outcomes. This attribute has enabled Goodwill Industries employees to independently make light decisions regarding their professional obligations, as long as they have undergone a thorough training. Through that privilege of autonomy, her followers are inspired to discover more reliable ways of achieving both organizational and personal goals (Nahavandi, 2016). Through an outstanding rapport, Christine has successfully mobilized her followers into teams that provide reliable and excellent contributions. Also, her conflict resolution techniques and skills make her the best example of a transformational leader. Christine can also be referred to as a quiet leader who employs willingness, empathy, confidence, inspiration, courage, rapport, and sacrifice. In addition, as a leader, she often changes or adjusts processes or systems within the organization that fails to improve significant change (Alimo-Metcalfe & Alban-Metcalfe, 2001).

Christine also specializes in;

Striving to improve the system for the better.

Solving individual and group constraints through investigating the effectiveness of earlier work patterns and management trends.

Assessing organizational elements that need to be changed for better performances.

Improving the capacities and capabilities of the teams that she leads.

Therefore, specific elements that are demonstrated by Christine as a transformational leader include;

An Idealized Influence

Christine demonstrates a charismatic personality and acts as an example to her followers, hence creating a desire in them to be like her. Through her willingness to adhere to her personal and organizational ethical and moral principles, convictions, and values, Christine demonstrates her ability to detect loopholes and navigate risks. It is through her influence as a leader that has enabled her to maintain confidence and trust in her followers.

Motivational Inspiration

Motivational inspiration is described as the ability of a leader to cultivate and nurture a sense of purpose and belonging, motivation, and confidence among followers. This description perfectly fits Christines style of leadership. As an inspirational leader, she has an articulate and SMART vision for Goodwills future. Christine demonstrates her expectations and commitments for the organizational success. Moreover, her outstanding leadership communication skills incorporate a sense of authority, power, and precision in her messages. Other crucial elements of her leadership include an ability to determine positivity, empathy, enthusiasm, and optimism.

Intellectual Simulation

As a leader, Christine values autonomy and creativity among the teams and individuals that she leads. As a matter of fact, Christine involves her followers in light decision-making processes that encourage followers to be more innovative and creative in order to easily distinguish between operational and obsolete solutions. As a matter of fact, Christine solicits opinions while challenging assumptions made by her followers without employing negative criticisms. She improves her followers thinking regarding major organizational obstacles. Through her vision, her followers have confirmed the new insights that they have received regarding their roles in the success of Goodwill Industries.

Individualized Consideration

Christine takes into consideration the specific desires and needs of her teams or individual followers. As a leader, she has managed to point out particular incentives that have the highest impact of various groups of followers. Thus, she is capable of determining or recognizing-either through research or observation- what aspects motivate individual employees or groups. Hence, through mentoring and coaching, Christine has managed to offer chances of tailored training sessions for each follower, hence enhancing personal fulfillments.

Analysis of Christines Leadership in Terms of;

Team Building Abilities

As a way of facilitating teamwork and collaboration, Christine understands the need for collaborative work. She leads the teams to a common goal by not only working in strategic and tactical manners but also incorporating the main elements that cause positive influence on her followers. For this, she employs authenticity, accountability or autonomy, investigative skills, communication skills, and drive. To enhance accountability and autonomy among her followers, Christine acknowledges and appreciates the contributions made by her followers, and their attempts to add value to the organization. Besides, being capable of recognizing the individual weaknesses and strengths, and encouraging her followers to be accountable and responsible, ensures that they remain confident in her leadership and subsequently increase their performances. Also, Christines leadership encourages the provision of feedback and assistance so as to ensure the development of the followers potential and talents (Alimo-Metcalfe & Alban-Metcalfe, 2001).


Shulz possesses another important leadership quality that can be described as authenticity. She is able to stay true to her beliefs, remain true to herself and maintain her personal values. The greatest part is that Shulz does not only stay true to herself but she is also able to impart her beliefs and values to her team. Being true to herself, Shulz does not only communicate her values but also voices the values, beliefs, image and goals of the team and the organization (Avolio & Gardner, 2005).

Good Communication Skills

This might seem obvious, but communication skills are one of the most important qualities of any good leader. Shulz possesses this vital skill that allows her to achieve her objectives of leading teams. Through her desirable communication skills, she remains a better conflict manager and a negotiator. On several occasions, I have seen Shulz adequately explain the circumstance of an event and justify her decision; an act that not only makes her teams feel comfortable with her decisions but also adds credibility to her leadership style.

Good communication as exhibited by Shulz is also vital for ensuring that the team understands their objectives which guide their actions and overall performance. Shulz is a leader who knows how to communicate the What, How, Why, Where and When of her team and the organization in enabling them to move as a single unit and in the same direction. Shulzs charismatic nature increases confidence and trust and adds credibility to her style of leadership which enhances the overall performance of the team.

She Questions Everything

Christine Shulz is a great investigator and possesses the natural instinct that informs her judgment. Her more skeptical nature makes her question everything she feels does not add up from the What, Who, How, Why and Where of any circumstance. Her nature of questioning allows her to point out the potential strengths and weaknesses as well tell why they are happening and how they can be handled appropriately.


Christine Shulz first became my mentor when she presented a talk of how to achieve self-awareness. According to her, self-awareness can be achieved by simply balancing ones breathing for at least five minutes in a day. The five-minute drill she says has always boosted her ability to focus on the task at hand as well as how to present her before the team. Self-awareness is also a desirable leadership quality since as a leader; she needs to know her strongest and weakest points so as to build her team using the best compositions of her skillset. Obviously, there are many ways that Shulz can apply to know the type leader she is such as journaling, personality tests, and 360-degree assessments.

Maintaining focus or concentration is also evident in her style of leadership. Shulz meditates and strives to keep away distraction while at work. She knows what the teams and the organizational goal are, and is able to articulate what the issues require for them to be handled effectively. Most leaders often fail when their main points of motivation are frustrated which makes them lose concentration and divert the pathway to the organizational objectives.

It is always important to handle empl...

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