Paper Example on Artifacts in Early Childhood Education Learning

Published: 2021-07-19
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Learning for young children, especially those that are still at early childhood institutions can be tricky and challenging. The teachers, therefore have the responsibility of making learning for these young children comfortable enjoyable and fun. Evidently, the professional can only do this by encompassing certain aspects that the children will enjoy in the course of their learning.

To do this efficiently, it is the duty and the responsibility of the teachers to incorporate the young learners in the core activities of their learning process and introduce them to forms and modes that they can easily relate to bringing the best out of them. Conole, (2008), Notes that young learners should be equipped with learning designs, which he further says that refer a range of activities that are associated with creative learning activities and crucially provides a means of describing learning activities.

The artifact that is involved in this assignment is the drama that the children came up within the course of their learning. The use of drama by the children of the early childhood education institution was proper and efficient as it demonstrated their knowledge on various issues. Further, the drama was also a valuable learning tool as through drama the children are also in a position to emulate what the others do and in this way increase their level of imagination and further improve their knowledge.

The children, under the supervision of their teachers and instructors, are also in an excellent position of enhancing their skills as drama enables them to put what they have learned in theory into practice. Drama, as a learning artifact, is also important as it places students in a free environment, through which they can bring out their natural characters. In essence, the students can act freely in a way that they are not restricted and in this way they can bring out their talents and abilities and in this way the teachers can nature them and even enable them t develop them and eventually become better than they already are.

Through such learning artifacts, the teachers are also in a position to understand their students better and in this way they can guide them better in their learning. Teachers can learn the talents and abilities of their students and pay the necessary treatment to them in their teachings (Beghetto, 2016).

Drama, as a learning artifact was chosen for the children as through drama, the children become wholly involved in the learning process. The drama would also enable the students to assume roles that they are interested in, and those that they are familiar to and through this they can fully participate and cooperate as they will be expressing that which they are interested. The drama also places the learners in a situation where they feel free, and in this way, they can fully cooperate and participate in the learning process.

I know that my teaching has increased learning the lessons that followed the drama that the children developed and participated in were engulfed with better participation and cooperation by the learners. The children also seemed to be freer in the classroom, and even those who were earlier on introverts were able to participate in class. I personally also had a better experience with the pupils as I had also had the advantage of learning them better and was now able to treat them as individuals. The whole teaching profession also got influenced as after the drama experience a better teaching technique that incorporated and took care of all the learners was developed.

The drama experienced majorly influenced me, as the teacher of the young learners. Through the experience, I have even able to learn my students' and develop better teaching technique that would benefit all of them. I, therefore, look forward to adding more learning artifacts in my lessons to improve the learning of my students better.


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