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Published: 2021-07-30
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# 1.

The policies that are enacted to protect vulnerable populations are useless if those who work with these groups do not enforce them. It is therefore of utmost importance that individuals involved with high-risk populations become their number one advocates. Peoples perceptions on color, race or religion may be difficult to change but it is paramount that everyone is informed about equality and their social responsibility. Majority of people who work with vulnerable groups have the strong desire to protect them and therefore tend to be vicious advocates for these individuals (Segal, 2016). Consequently, the personal interest goes a long way in helping to enforce the set guidelines and policies to ensure that those at risk are protected and granted equal opportunities in life as everybody else. Therefore, the only real way to serve vulnerable groups successfully is for those in charge to invest and commit themselves to advocating for their rights.

# 2.

The issue of a transgender serving in the military has become a contentious topic with both supporters and protesters sighting varying opinions. Every human being regardless of color, creed, or lifestyle choice is deemed to be equal and is accorded the same rights under the constitution. The issue of sex change is still a relatively new paradox, with most of them still not publicly accepted. However, the truth is that once the operation has been completed and the individual has fully recovered, they are fully functional physically and hence they are capable of enlisting and serving just like anybody else. The government ought to pass legislation that will be both supportive and protective of the rights of the transgender population. Since all people have the right to make their own lifestyle choices, everyone should respect individual decision rather than judging others for the choices they make. Therefore, the transgender population ought to be given the opportunity to serve in the military like everybody else.

# 3.

The importance of social policies is undoubtable, and the effect they have on the quality of life is profound. One of the best ways to improve an individuals life is by giving them quality education. Furthermore, an educated population greatly influences a countrys economic population and hence the importance of well-structured education policies. Others such as the gender discrimination policies are put in place to ensure that in a country dominated by men, women and others are protected and provided with equal opportunities. Even with these regulations in place, it is not possible to change the lives of the vulnerable populations without the full commitment of those working with these groups. High risk populations, which include children, the elderly, minority groups, the disabled, and others, require someone to advocate for them and those working with them ought to take up that role (Segal, 2016).

# 4.

It is wrong to assume that human beings are incapable of change. The majority of the American population have gradually come to terms with the reality of the LGBT community with some even fully accepting these individuals as they are. The LGBT community started as a small group of people and have now grown to large numbers and have been accorded more rights as time goes by. Advocating for the rights of the vulnerable populations by human service professionals does not in any way lower the levels of professionalism that is expected from them. If anything, personal involvement in setting and enforcing policies to protect these high risk individuals is the only way to ensure that their issues are fully addressed and that amicable solutions are achieved. Community organizers as well as human service professionals play a pivotal role in advocating for better polices for the people they serve.


Segal, E. (2016). Social Welfare Policy and Social Programs: A Values Perspective (4th Ed.). Boston, MA: Cengage Learning.


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