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Published: 2021-07-07
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Individuals suffering from abnormal disorder tend to change their behavior, character as well as thoughts. However, if a person's behavior deviates from the typical ways of conduct and develops personal distress for a period longer than usual, medics term it as psychology abnormality. Adults encounter incidences which not only requires their attention but sacrifice to the family as well as the community; hence, the need to work under pressure. During these abnormal changes in behavior, adults find it difficult to complete their tasks; hence, undermining their career prospects.

According to Toronto Star on mental illness news 2017, bipolar disorder to be a mental illness that leads to thrilling shifts in mood with instabilities in energy as well as activity levels. However, these emotional changes in behavior result in individuals choosing to commit suicide. Doctors claim that bipolar disorder develops due to physical changes in the brain due to neurotransmitter imbalance. In addition, patients with blood relatives that have the disorder are at a higher risk of developing this bipolar disorder.

Dupont et al., 2017, state that, neurotransmitters that are the chemical messengers in the brain such as norepinephrine and serotonin tend to lie dormant and thus, become activated on their own to causing mood shifts. These chemicals are also triggered external aspects such as psychological stress and social events that tempered with the emotion of the adult. On the other hand, environmental issues such as abuse and traumatic events lead to the risks of developing bipolar disorder. Regardless of the media view for a depressed individual to engage in alcohol, medics recommend the slight use of alcohol in cases that it reduces depression to the patient and reduces the chances of developing bipolar disorder. Additionally, medicines such as antidepressants cause bipolar disorder in adults who are susceptible to bipolar disorder. Therefore, during depression cases, patients ought to share their stress with doctors or members within them rather than becoming dependents of drugs which result in bipolar disorder due to excessively consuming the anti-depressants drugs. Similarly, excessive consumption of caffeine results to bipolar disorder, for the caffeine leads to change in moods as one becomes an addict to it; hence, when they lack they tend to change their behaviors.

Casey (2017) opines that, naturally, to treat bipolar disorder, a combination of at least mood-stabilizing drugs or atypical antipsychotic and psychotherapy ought to be involved. Valproic acid, together with carbamazepine drug stabilizes moods shifts in adults thus, treating bipolar disorder. Due to the high rate of acidity in these drugs, patients ought to undergo blood tests as well as clinical assessments to reduce the adverse effects when the body reacts to the drugs. Apart from drug treatments, ongoing psychotherapy aids adults to understand as well as accepting personal and social disruptions from experiences to cope with the future. Psychotherapy enables the patient to interact with individual and share their experiences; thus, releasing their stress which leads to the bipolar disorder.

Inasmuch as the media and public tend to stigmatize patients with bipolar disorder due to their change in behavior and moods; hence, patients suffer discrimination, since the community develop fear about their illness, might lead to fights and disunity in society. Stereotyping patient is suffering from bipolar disorder as violent and unreasonable while affected by moods swings. Consequently, the public tends to deny them a superior position at work, as they are concerned that they might not deliver quality work according to the standards of the institution. Besides, in some of the cities in Canada regard adults born with bipolar disorder as cured people by their ancestors; thus, they tend to remain depressed and do not interact with others at the workplace.


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