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Published: 2021-06-22
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1. Describe the work environment as presented by the industry partner.

ECOLAB is a global organization that functions to make the world safer, better and healthier. It evaluates the current trends to predict the future and make adequate adjustments for the same. The work environment of ECOLAB is that of aa crisis management firm that offers solution to most problems. It addresses the most critical and important issues that most companies wont.

2. Describe the role of an accountant as presented by the industry partner

The functions of an accountant in an industry such as ECOLAB is diverse. In managing world crisis, an organization like ECOLAB deals with a lot of finances and needs someone who can collect, record, analyze, and present ECOLABs financial activities. An accountant best presides these duties. The accountant also has administrative roles in the industry as the top management relies on them to make informed decisions on matters affecting the company.

3. Describe the role that a new graduate employed by the industry partner would be expected to play in the organization.

First and foremost, it is important to note that a new graduate employee is not well versed with the functioning and operations of the industry. Therefore, learning and familiarizing them with the industry is the first role that a fresh graduate is expected to play. Secondly, new graduates are projected to transition from the university life and adjust to the full-time professional work. This means that they are supposed to keep up with the busy work environment as well as aim to perform like another employee, or better. Finally, a new graduate is expected to play the role of a researcher in the organization. They should equip themselves with the necessary knowledge about the current world challenges and suggest new ways that ECOLAB can deal with.

4. Explain the skills and attributes required to work for the industry partner, about your responses to the previous 3 points.

For a fresh graduate to be able to achieve the above roles, they should be equipped with some skills. First, they should have an excellent follow through on tasks and have the ability to work under minimal supervision. No industry wants to work with an employee who is a servant of the eye. Secondly, they should be creative and innovative. It takes a lot of creativity to come up with new ways to deal with world challenges that have been long existent.

5. Critique the extent to which your skills and attributes align with the skills and attributes required to work for the industry partner drawing on your personal experience.

In an industry that promotes creativity, innovation, and sharing, my qualifications and attributes are in line with such an opportunity. I intend to use your program as a platform to share my creativity and leadership skills with students from all over the world. My strong initiative and exceptional organizational skills, combined with the ability to work well under pressure will see me through your busy schedules and thus, make a substantial contribution to your summer program as well as other students. I have an excellent follow-through on tasks and procedures enabling me to work under minimal supervision. I believe that my actions and skills will be geared to support your policies and procedures.

6. Formulate a strategy to address any areas in which your skills and attributes can be improved to meet the requirements of this industry partner better.

An industry like ECOLAB requires a lot of interacts with people. Therefore, this means that communication skills are imperative. There are several ways in which I can improve my communication skills and the strategy to achieve this is putting it to work. The first being is improving my language skills, both written and spoken. Language is of ultimate importance in the society. It is the primary medium through which people connect and socialize. Therefore, it is very crucial to be aware of the ways in which language works. Language can be used to enhance the sense of belonging (Goldsmith and Carter, 2010).


Goldsmith, M. and Carter, L. (2010). Best practices in talent management. San Francisco: Pfeiffer.

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