Organisational Analysis Essay on Greenie n Organic Inc.

Published: 2021-07-19
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Marketing mix helps the business to achieve the objectives by product and service marketing to the consumer group. The product to be sold by Greenie n Organic Inc. are groceries. Theses groceries are different from the rest since they are fresh from the farm and are grown naturally unlike many competitors who deal with GMO products to satisfy market demand. There are other similar products in the market but they are from a different giving geographical areas of the world, and so there is a slight difference in the quality of the products. Greenie n Organic Inc. will be the first to export fresh products from Africa to Maldives and hence it a competitive advantage. Greenie n Organic Inc. will also ensure that its foods are prepared from whole grains and natural products (Asomaning & Abdulai, 2015, pp. 69). Price is another important consideration during the launching of Greenie n Organic Inc. the company will adopt a pricing for market entry as its marketing strategy to acquire a market share and customer loyalty. The place where products will be sold is to the fast foods and grocery consumers in Male, Maldives. The distribution will be a short chain of a producer to consumer. The company will adopt pull strategies in the promotion of their products to the new market. Regular offers and sampling will be carried out to create brand awareness.

The organizational structure you selected to support the launch.

The company will adopt a geographical organization structure where the management will be organized in regions. The Greenie n Organic Inc. in Maldives will belong to South East Asian region. Within the specific Greenie n Organic Inc. Company based in Male, they will adopt a functional organization structure with five managers of the various departments that include: Marketing, human resource, accounting, procurement and catering departments. These managers will report to the vice president of the South East Asia region.

Pricing Strategies

Greenie n Organic Inc. will employ pricing for market penetration which mainly lower prices for higher sales. The buying power of the Maldivians is relatively high, so the company will set standard prices that are just lower than the competitors. After the company has been launched and it is fully operational, the company will employ premium pricing strategy to distinguish their products from the competitors.

Sales and Marketing Aspects

Greenie n Organic Inc. will take measures to get customer feedback before the real launch so that they can plan in advance on meeting the customer needs and maintaining customer loyalty as well as acquiring a measurable market share. The company will ensure it acquires real customers and a market before the launch of the products by conducting advertisements to introduce the product to the market and create brand awareness as well as create demand. The company will conduct testing the marketing plan and strategy before the official launch. Greenie n Organic Inc. will put in place measures to ensure they counter competitive forces and measures to prepare for failure in case the company fails to pick up success and possible market exit strategy.

Elements of Marketing Process


This is the process of analyzing the various factors that affect the market. They include the products, marketing strategies, competitors and the target audie...

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