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Published: 2021-07-19
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The growth rate of Celeritas Inc. declined since the first two-quarters of 2011. The decline in the growth of the company was because the company had failed to meet its sales targets twice during the year. As a result, the projected revenue declined greatly. During the same time, the competitors got a chance to outgrow after Celeritas was facing internal challenges. The competitors took advantage of Celeritas lateness in launching the cloud computing technologies to dominate the market.

Analysis of problem

The major problem facing Celeritas is disagreements among the senior team in the company. Initially, not all the senior vice presidents accepted the blame resulting from the decline of the growth of the company. Each of the senior vice president claimed that their departments were doing well. Therefore, the problem was the inability of each department to accept the cause of the downfall in the company to give room for solutions.

The Celeritas senior team was dysfunctional in many ways. There was a lack of corporations from the different departments in the company. Carla Reese revealed the problems facing the senior team in the company, which include lack of trust; poor communications, inconsistent decision-making, failure to differentiate goals form priorities and lack of proper coordination in different divisions. It is also apparent from Boyers revelation that some of his co-founders had left and therefore the work of decision-making was on his hands. Boyer made all the decisions thus leading to the deteriorations in the performance of the Celeritas Inc. The other problem facing the company is a lack of delegation of duties in the section of the management and thus the manager performed too much work. Celeritas was founded in 2003. Along the way, two of the co-founders dropped leaving Dr. Phillip alone. The company had 450 employees in 2005 but the number has increased to 1000 now. It appears that management is not competent to manage the increasing number of the employees.

Analysis part 2

The major causes of the problem in the company include poor communications and lack of trust among the executives, wrong approach to important decisions, and the inability of the executives to differentiate between goals and priorities, the poor coordination among the different divisions.

CEOs leadership style

CEO Dr. Philip Boyers leadership skills contributed much to the dysfunction of the team. First, Philip sought for information and made decisions alone. In an organizational setup, important decisions need a discussion with all the stakeholders, a case that is lacking in the Celeritas Inc. Besides, Philip does not delegate some of the jobs and therefore he is not effective because of too much work. The CEO manages over 1000 employees, hence the high level of inefficiency. As the CEO, Dr. Philip Boyer needs to clarify the difference between goals and priorities to avoid confusions. Additionally, the CEO needs to motivate the team and lead by example. Unfortunately, the case study reveals the deficiency of the leadership skills in Philip Boyer.

Contrasting Consultant and CEO leadership style

Carla Reeses leadership style is inclusive. In the case study, Carla Reese calls for a meeting with the senior vice presidents and listens to their grievances. Carla treats all the senior vice presidents well and he gives them equal chances to express their points of view. Each of the Senior Vice presidents had equal chances to speak their hearts. However, Boyer did not call for meetings but collected information from individual senior vice presidents. Besides, Boyer does not delegate duties but does all the work by himself. The CEO, Dr. Philip Boyer does not motivate the employees by giving them time to express their views regarding specific matters in the organization. He did not care whether the employees understood the goals and priorities in the company.

Sales and Marketing VPS ineffective influence

Lloyd Dave could not influence colleagues and the boss because of the difficult personality. Carlos Rivera revealed how Lloyd Dave would lose his temper with ease and create enmity thus affecting the communications among the individuals. Dave Lloyd was strict and did not allow anyone to exceed the product datelines. Lloyd is a poor communicator and therefore lacked good personal relationships with the colleagues.

Handling of SVP meeting

Lloyd ought to have been remorseful and willing to listen from colleagues. The Off-site SVP meeting was for reconciliation and settling issues facing the company. Lloyd needs to understand the complexity of the work in the company and communicate well with colleagues. Lloyd needs to be considerate and integrate to the needs of colleagues.

Previous team building efforts

The previous team building was effective in Celeritas because all the SVPs opened up and revealed the cause of the problems in the company. The solutions to the problem in the company were promising because each of the participants was open for the discussion. The discussions of issues facing the organization were successful because all the members were cooperating. However, Lloyd Dave was not satisfied with conclusions from the meeting. The sales manager felt that colleagues were pointing fingers at him and therefore he was absent from the meeting on the second day. He was also not willing to discuss the issues with colleagues because most blame was directed to his side.



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