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Published: 2021-08-17
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Attaining good health depends on the kind of food supply, which encompasses plant and animal food sources. According to Ohlhorst et al., nutrition is not only responsible for the physical development but also in disease prevention and proper body functionality (1349). Research has been conducted on the application of nutrition on ensuring healthier lives and productivity. The issue of diet is an integral part in the country since it affects the society, environment, and economy in the world and as such, has to be put into consideration (Ohlhorst et al. 1349). Nutritionally related problems have a tremendous effect on the quality of life of an individual and for those close to him or her.

Nutritional research is the backbone of understanding causes of obesity as the most significant problem in the United States. Regarding Whitehouse et al., monitoring kitchen activities and the patterns of eating of various patients could help the physician and caregivers in improving the patients' treatment procedure (1). Proper nutrition is the cheapest way of preventing and managing diseases, as compared to administering medicine and costs associated with visiting the doctor. Research on nutrition has been the mainstay in solving food insecurity issues through innovative plans like agribusiness and investing in agriculture. Consequently, this has changed the food eating habits and encouraging people to plant more and invest in a healthy diet. As noted by Ohlhorst et al., ASN Nutrition Research Needs project is aimed at identifying nutrition needs in the whole world (1350). As such, information obtained is aimed at creating more awareness and encourage for further research, which could provide more solutions.

The ASNs came up with six objectives with the hope that they would form the pillars for more research. These goals, in a nutshell, included understanding individual response to a specific diet and food; the impact of nutrition on personal health, growth, and reproduction; the impact of nutrition on maintaining health; the role of nutrition in efficiently managing diseases; understanding behaviors related to nutrition disorders, and understanding food supply and lifestyle choices. This research demands the coming together of various researchers who have diverse skills and expertise, to come up with policies aimed at leading to a better health and wellbeing of the whole population. Most of the diseases in the world are brought about in the world by poor nutrition. As an example, it has been noted that consuming many processed foods increases the chances of cancer development in the body. As such, people can be educated based on that factor and ensure that they reprogram their diet. Such can reduce the economic burden on the citizens, as well as the country due to reduced spending on visits to the hospital. Besides, obesity as a major problem in the United States can be controlled since it has been linked to other complications like diabetes. The process of investing in research is costly, but the results have the capability of reducing cardiovascular diseases, cancer, and obesity. It is the new direction in nutrition and health, as one would identify the most appropriate food to consume to control or prevent certain diseases.

In conclusion, it is evident that there is the need for research and the combined effort of various researchers. As noted, it is essential for a patient to manage their diet right from the kitchen. A person should have a schedule, which consists of a balanced diet, and stick to it. As stated, such should be monitored right from the kitchen to the performance of various individuals.

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