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Published: 2021-08-03
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Boston College
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Personal statement
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The realization of higher education should conform to the fundamental expectation of a prospective student. The goal of career excellence can only get determined by the type of institution that one attends. Additionally, courses that people pursue in higher learning institutions like universities demand different issues including aiding facilities like the laboratory and related services, particularly in technical and practical oriented careers and courses. Therefore, the choice of an institution should recognize the fundamental aspects of specific courses and learner's needs. It is from this background that I choose Long Island University, Brooklyn Campus LIU due to the above-espoused issues regarding higher education which include: Intellect and career development, diversity and general life experience, networking particularly with relevant organizations and institution's excellence in medically related fields like nursing.

University presents a universal view of issues that should impact students' thought. I choose Brooklyn Campus due to the oozing knowledge that comes from its academic community. The establishment presents a community of scholars in form of tutors and postgraduate students that occasionally lecture students in different courses. For instance, it exposes one to other worldviews by teaching intellectual courses delivered through philosophical training. The institution provides for training in philosophical concepts like ethical principles and moral virtues which not only enable the student to realize his or her academic goals but also sharpen their intellectual reasoning. The scholarly nature of philosophy related disciplines inculcates autonomy of thought and critical and skills in the mindset of the learner. I find LIU a suitable environment for academic and social emancipation as it offers other critical courses alongside the principal career and course enrolled in by a learner. As a prospective medic, therefore, I choose to undertake my major in LIU due to the availability of tools for intellect development realized through scholarly disciplines like philosophical concepts and terms.

Medical courses demand sound knowledge in research and the general aspect of scholarly writing. For instance, issues like report writing regarding patients' medical history require a practicing medic to possess knowledge in summary writings that can only get developed through the adequate introduction in scholarly writing. LIU remains the best institution in offering facilitated programs that aim at equipping students with research writing competence that informs the critical aspects of scholarly writing utilized in other professions including nursing that is my major. I, therefore, I choose LIU as my preferred university to realize emancipation in holistic and scholarly education that would satisfy my career demands and goals.

The proximity of Brooklyn Campus to some of the major landmarks presents it as the best destination for exposure. For instance, it neighbors critical and investments like Wall Street as largest capital market. It would, therefore, provide me with adequate opportunity and experience in meeting people from diverse backgrounds. The campus also neighbors some of the largest hospitals which can provide a viable chance for me in places like attachment areas and further job networking. The large nature of the LIU University places it in the world radar regarding the number of students that it admits. However, some of the university students come from different parts of the world and it, therefore, provide a diverse experience for learners. I would benefit from learning new cultures from a community of scholars that it attracts from various parts of the world. It is some of these experiences regarding diverse cultures of the students that persist at LIU that would also provide relevant skills to me in dealing with my patient clients in future. Medical field presents people from different backgrounds that share and differ in ways that can only get construed from a cultural perspective. However, my admission into the university would prepare me for such diversity later in career. It is this premise that would compel me to choose LIU particularly Brooklyn Campus to pursue my major course in nursing.

In summary, LIU Brooklyn Campus provides a perfect opportunity for any potential medical student to study. I choose LIU due to the numerous alternatives that persist within the establishment. It potentially stands to emancipate me in various ways which include research writing skills, job networking, appreciation of diversity and exposure to worldviews. Therefore, I choose to study my nursing major at Brooklyn Campus due to the foregoing reasons.

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