Nursing Essay on Fostering Legal and Ethical Practice

Published: 2021-07-05
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Every nurse executive needs to portray the ethical principals in the course of their working. The executive nurse acts as a leader and sometimes, they find it difficult to reconcile between organizational economics and personal identities. This sometimes leads to conflicts with staff nurses because they cannot come to a decision. The most important ethical conduct for an executive nurse has a big role in supporting the nursing code of conduct. They should always ensure that hospitals have in cooperated ethical expectations in their job descriptions and should always review them. Through management, they could also offer education. All the educational programs should include ethical content. The executive can always create an environment where nurse scan speaks up freely also having ethnic experts in your hospitality and nurses can confidently talk and open up freely to ask questions.

As a student nurse, I once encountered a patient from patient was in a very bad state as she had undergone Female Genital Mutilation. She had been rescued and brought to the hospital I worked in. Even in her bad state, she would not allow me to give her any assistance because it was contrary to her beliefs as an African. She said her cure was only found in herbal medicine, back home.As a nurse, I attempted to explain to her the benefits of the medication to her life. She dismissed my thoughts and said that I was ignorant of their culture; that I didn't comprehend anything about her culture. At that minute, I didn't understand what to do. Was it my business to guarantee that I bolster the patient's entitlement to choice or was it my obligation to do anything in my energy to urge them towards a preventable activity. I consulted a few nurses, upon which we also reported to the executive nurse. We all came up with ideas on how to approach the matter, then decided that the patient undergoes counseling and guiding the session. A moral board of trustees was framed for attendants to air their worries and access accommodating assets.

The Incident Reporting program exists in our hospital. It empowers medical caretaker to recognize wounds that may affect litigation ahead of time and in this manner diminish some patients being hurt. Sometimes, however, errors occur with when they do not accurately report the state of the patient (Liang, 2015). Increasing reporting rates would lead to diminishing. Some staff will always have to follow up the information captured by the reporting system and so a lot of time and expenditure is wasted. The program has brought about more harm because handling a specific could list particular occasions as here and now needs and refresh this rundown as existing issues are alleviated as new ones rise. Medical attendants constantly make reports, and they consider this as one of their obligations. Future occurrence announcing frameworks ought to put greater emphasis on multi-disciplinary group care. And involve physicians in reporting.

Collective bargaining in our hospital makes it vulnerable because union sometimes may not address every concern of the average nurse. When intangible aspects are not addressed and resolutions made, they will not be in agreement with the hospital (Yoder, 2015). This may lead to strikes and puts them in a moral and ethical dilemma as they are torn between being there for their patients and demanding for their needs. The union does not guarantee that that three is protection against recruitment or retention, in the case of a strike. From Yoder wise book on managing and leadership in nursing, I think the nurse executive should also have evaluated the patients needs and determined the level of attention and care that they wanted. The nurse should have documented the patient needs how the event that led to the need occur, the events taken and the patient outcomes.


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