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Published: 2021-07-26
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I visited our school library, last week and a saw several things that amaze me. There are a lot of interesting learning activities in our school library that I have never known before I took my time to sit and observe everything going on there. The employee in our school library is very cooperative and usually ready to assist any student to find the book or even article they want. They ask every student whom they see struggling to get a book they need and offer assistance to them finds the book, identify the correct content and book cover.

Wherever I was sitting, I could see very many things happening in the library. The students were coming in and out in numbers. The students first talk with the people in charge of the library before getting into the library (Harold, 2004). All the students understand the procedure of using the school library because they would come keep their personal books before entering the library. The movement of students is not restricted and therefore they move in every corner of the library to get the book of their choice to read. They are much disciplined to the extent that they keep silence while in the library. They also do not disturb other students while reading and this means that the students of our school have developed a strong culture of learning.

From where I was sitting, I could observe every student after identifying the book to read, he goes directly to his seat and starts to read. The student neither consults nor asks fellow students unnecessary questions which would disrupt attention of other students. Although communication is a very important aspect of life, it is restricted in the library because it interferes with the learning of other students. I, therefore, learned that people like reading and also that knowledge is stored in books.

I also observed that there is a high level of freedom in the library. The students are not forced to read in the library. They have the freedom to leave at any time they want so long as they have read the book or the article they want. I also observed the students reading and after reading the book they return them to the shelves where they were got. I think it is a library policy that restricts the student from leaving the books on the table after reading. The school library is divided into different regions, children books are found in a separate section while scientific books and journals are also located in a different section from children section. Business books, law books, historical books are also located in its own section. Students taking different disciplines do not just move around looking for a specific book to read but would directly go to a relevant section of the library to collect the book of his or her choice. A student that needs a historical book would just go directly to a place where historical books are shelved and collect the book of his choice (Harold, 2004). This is very important in minimizing the time the student takes while looking for the book to read in our school library. Children section is set far away from the main library to ensure there is no disturbance from children. Children are not allowed to take books by themselves from shelves but ask the available librarian to look for them the books.

Librarian for our college library usually walks and observes students reading and asks if any of the students need any assistance. They are not seated in offices but walk in every corner of the library to ensure that all the students receive quality library services. There are library attendants in charge of every section and arrange the books in order after the student has returned the books. I also saw them arranging the books alphabetically.

In addition, it also has a computer room where students are also allowed to find information online or digitally. Students are also allowed to go to the computer room freely without making any form of payment. Usually, the computer room is packed to its capacity because most students prefer reading online. Computer technicians are usually at the door and register every student who has gone to the computer lab to read to measure the attendance.

Observing all that took place in the library made me formulate different a question that can be used in social amenities. What is the importance of nonverbal communication? This is an essential form of communication in places where silence is a basic requirement like a library where people are reading. This form of communication includes the use of facial expression, gesture, eye contact and body movement. It is essential in the library to ensure there is silence in the library but people are able to communicate with each other without making noise to other students who are not interested in what other students are saying in the library.


Harold L. Wilensky, "The Professionalization of Everyone?" American Journal of Sociology 70#1 (2004):143.

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