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Published: 2021-06-23
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The John Pomfrets Article China has gotten the message Trump sent, and theyre getting tough on North Korea talks about how the President, Donald Trump has sent warnings to China make them stop from backing up North Korea in their nuclear production. Trump warns that U.S will deal with the problem clearly if China does not take a tougher stand against North Koreas nuclear programs. In this article, Trump is pressing China to co-operate and take a firmer stand concerning the issue since China is the best country to stop North Korea from continuing with the program of nuclear production. China is acting according to the message, and for the first time it is controlling the nuclear production program in North Korea, and it threatens that if they continue testing the ballistic missiles, China oil shipments to North Korea would be severely restricted. China has been refusing the UN Security Council idea to cut the oil shipments for more than a decade. This essay will discuss my thought about the article showing the message and how China has warned to cut down its oil shipments to North Korea.

The time for China to show leadership urgently is now. China has been avoiding taking any responsibility for North Korea for years. Korea has gone extremely by provoking the international community for some time and China the only ally must act to stop this (pomfret, 2017).

China must heed to Trumps message because the President is not going to take a unilateral action against North Korea. He ordered for a strike against an air base in Syria showing that he is ready to take military action. With trump attack to Syria, it is I would suggest this is a clear indication that Trump would not tolerate chemical weapons strikes on civilians. This is an eminently saleable rationale regarding the US and the international public opinion. My thought on the justification on his plan to strike against Pyongyang is their announcement that they are almost to conduct a sixth missile test (pomfret, 2017). This is justifiable since I think that Trump will not sit down and watch while a rogue nation like North Korea to a develop nuclear weapons capabilities.

Trump wants to find a diplomatic solution to solve the problem, and thats the reason it involves China. In his tweet, he is requesting China to help the United States. If China fails to support the US, the President says that the US will solve the problem without them and I think this will mean a military conflict (pomfret, 2017).

There is an urgency need of President Xi to summon Kim Jong-un to Beijing and warn him that the days of him playing around with intercontinental ballistic missiles and nuclear weapons are over. President Xi refuses to meet Kim Jong-un is an indication that he is not stopping from this fatal program.

Trump is more ambitious to stop the nuclear war than Obama. China ignored the problem during Obama reign because he just was just talking tough about North Korea and took little actions against them. Trump in White House things is likely to be different. China will be playing with fire if it is assuming Trump's threats in the Article. The consequences of military conflict on the Korean Peninsula would be fatal. If aggressive war breaks against North Korea trade between the two superpowers, China and US would be significantly affected (pomfret, 2017). The reason being China exports most products to the US. Nevertheless, this seems like it would not happen since Trump sat with Chinas President Xi to discuss more trade ideas between the two continents.

In conclusion, a rogue nation such as North Korea should not be allowed to possess the capability of producing nuclear weapons. It can be tragic to other countries like US and Russia because naval war would break as North Korea is searching for nuclear recognition. President Kim Jong-un is not accepting the sanction from the US since he wants to complete what his father Kim Jong II started. China is showing its responsibility for North Korea and stop it from nuclear production. China is acting according to Trump message since it does not like the idea of military conflict from the US.


John Pomfret : China has gotten the message Trump sent, and theyre getting tough on North Korea. National Post. Accessed on April 17, 2017.

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