My Reflection About Immigration

Published: 2021-06-29
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It is quite hard to imagine a life devoid of emotions. Emotions help to connect us with the realities of the world as well as its fantasies. When I started writing the first assignment, I had strong feelings about immigration. I always wondered why immigrants should be allowed in our country. Why should we allow people from other nations to flood our country when unemployment rates are rising? This question often bothered me a lot. I can vividly remember debating with my friends about this issue when I joined campus. It was such a fierce debate, with my friends having diverse opinions on the issue. Despite some of my friends giving explanations on the benefits of immigration to our country, I did not change my stance on the issue. I believed that they were just siding with the foreigners to remain politically correct.' However, I must say, that my views on immigration have changed a lot since I took this course and particularly this assignment.

My opinions on immigration are different now, than it was at the start of the course. The assignment helped me to differentiate emotions that are born out of my imagination and those that are based on facts. I realized that my opinions on the issue were not based on verifiable facts, but on distorted feelings and emotions. While researching on the impact of immigration on the United States economy, I came across a reality that I had never considered: That all Americans are immigrants except for Native Americans. To some extent, this fact helped dissipate my negative feelings on immigration. I came to accept that being citizens of this country is a gift to all of us because our ancestors were not born here. Therefore, we should allow new immigrants to be part of part of our great nation.

While doing research on immigration and effects on the economy, I also found out that foreign-born workers have many positive impacts on our economy. First, I found out that immigrants are largely responsible for the technological advancement that have helped made the United States the global leader in technology. In fact, contrary to my belief that immigrants are responsible for unemployment that is currently witnessed in our country, the assignment made me realize that this is not true. Immigrants have helped create employment through business start-ups and technological innovations.

The chance to understand the importance of immigration through this assignment changed my experience of this course as a whole. First, it helped me to know that social science subjects are valuable in understanding various aspects of humanity. For example, through research, truths about a particular aspect of humanity can be explained. Through this course, I have come to appreciate that research is a vital source of knowledge about unknown facts. Because the course enabled me to get updated and authentic information about immigration, my motivation to learn more about the course and the topic increased.

I believe that the ability to get acquainted with facts about the controversial topic of immigration is of global significance. Because of wars and terrorist activities currently rocking the whole world, getting informed about the importance of immigrants to a host countrys economy help the natives of a particular country to welcome immigrants who are escaping problems in their country of origin.

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